Celestron NexStar 6″ SLT GoTo, 150/1500, telescope


  • High quality 150 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
  • Fully computerized Altazimuth mount
  • StarPointer™ finderscope to help with alignment and accurately locating objects
  • Quick-release fork arm mount, optical tube and accessory tray for quick no tool set up
  • Sturdy stainless steel tripod and accessory tray included
  • Perfect for terrestrial and celestial observing
  • BONUS Starry Night Special Edition Astronomy Software download with a 36,000-object database, printable sky maps and enhanced images including 3D renderings of stars, exoplanets, and galaxies
Brand: Celestron
Delivery time: 5-10 days
Delivery type: By a Courier only (packaging is too big for a parcel machine)
Focus Group: Enthusiasts
Optical design: Catadioptric
SKU: 22088
Category: Higher class telescopes

A very good telescope with an optical tube with an aperture of 150 mm in the Schmidt-Cassegrain system . The luminous output (F / 10) can be reduced to F / 6.3 and even to F / 1.95. Additional accessories must be purchased. Brighter images are obtained through lower light, which is crucial for observing faint deep sky objects and in astrophotography. An optical tube of this aperture offers a balance between manageable physical size and the combination of impressive visual and photographic performance on a wide variety of astronomical objects.

The Celestron Nexstar 6 SLT is a computerized GoTo telescope with high-quality, contrasting Schmidt-Cassegrain optics.

The telescope is equipped with an adjustable stainless steel tripod, a fork arm with a quick release coupling, a computerized NexStar + remote control, a 6 ”Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube and many additional accessories.

The telescope with its assembly weighs only 8.2 kg. Easy installation and SkyAlign’s quick alignment procedure will make your telescope ready for observation in minutes.

SkyAlign is the simplest, fastest, and most beginner-friendly calibration method available in any computerized telescope. Using the SkyAlign system, simply enter the date, current time and location into the remote control, then point the telescope at any three bright celestial objects in the sky. You don’t need to know the names of the stars, you can even choose the Moon or bright planets! After the so-called By aligning to 3 objects, the pilot will precisely point to objects in the sky.

The NexStar + database contains over 120,000. objects , including 220 of the most beautiful objects of the deep sky and the solar system.

In addition, control software for the computer included. Celestron’s Starry Night Special Edition software , SkyPortal app . Compatible with the GPS module.

The telescope is compatible with Celestron’s NexRemote for advanced computer control.
Auxiliary port for additional accessories.

NexStar 6 SLT will reveal hundreds of craters on the moon, stripes in Jupiter’s atmosphere and a red spot. Saturn’s rings will be clearly visible. Hundreds of nebular objects will also be visible. The telescope can also be used for daytime wildlife observations.

Supplier’s symbol: 22088 Weight: 8200 g
Optical system of the telescope: Schmidt-Cassegrain Mounting Type: Azimutal
Aperture:  150 mm Focal length:  1500 mm
It shone:  10 Star range:  13.4 magnitude
Collective capacity (compared to the naked eye):  459 x Maximum useful magnification:  354 x
Assembly weight: 4.6 kg Tube weight: 3.6 kg
Total mass: 8.2 kg Tripod type: steel
Tube Length: 406 mm Tube Diameter: 181 mm
Assembly control: NexStar Go-To Tube mounting method: CG-5
Focal length of glasses / magnification: 20mm / 75x, 9mm / 167x Type of spectacle lift: SCT / MAK
The diameter of the eyepiece extractor: 1.25 “ Angle attachment: 1.25 °
Finder: red dot (StarPointer) Central obstruction:  55.9 mm
Maximum resolution:  0.93  Coatings: StarBright XLT
Telescope series: NexStar SLT Guarantee period: 24 months


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