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BRESSER BH-52MT Ball Head up to 15 kg

  • sturdy ball head for up to 15 kg
  • angle scale and integrated circular bubble level
  • 3/8” tripod thread
  • ball diameter: 36 mm / height: 93 mm
  • included in delivery: ball head, quick release plate
Brand: Bresser
Delivery time: 5-10 days
SKU: F002016
Category: Tripods

Flexibility and precision, that’s what BRESSER ball heads stand for.

By means of the 360° rotatable and additionally 90° tiltable ball joint the camera can easily be brought into any desired position. For panoramic photos the ball head is also equipped with a 360° rotatable base plate.

Both, the ball joint as well as the panoramic base plate can be moved smoothly and jerk-free and locked in place securely with the corresponding knobs. The integrated circular bubble level and the angle scale help with the exact positioning.

The quick release plate allows for a quick and uncomplicated exchange of cameras.

The BH-52MT ball head is suitable for all heavy DSLR and medium format cameras up to a total weight of 15 kg.


  • sturdy metal ball head for cameras up to 15 kg
  • rubber coated quick release plate  (6 x 4,8 x 1 cm) for shock absorption
  • 1/4” photo screw
  • integrated circular bubble level
  • 360° rotatable base plate with angle scale
  • 3/8” tripod threadSCOPE OF SUPPLY
    • Ball head
    • Quick release plate
    • Manual

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