Tripod Adaptor for Binoculars (Metal)


Brand: Omegon
Delivery time: 5-10 days
SKU: 4983
Category: Adaptors & T-mounts, Binoculars, Tripods

This solid, all-metal adapter is suitable for all binoculars with the appropriate threaded socket. This socket is very simple to locate: Remove the cap from the objective side of the centre section of the binoculars to uncover it.

The 1/4″screw from the tripod adapter fits into this threaded socket. The binoculars can then be well tightened in place using the large grooved knob provided.

There is a 1/4″ threaded socket at the base of the binocular adapter. This thread fits any camera tripod. The adapter is simple but robust. The binoculars stay well-secured, allowing you to concentrate on your observing.

Our expert comment:

This tripod adapter cannot be used with ZEISS or Swarovski binoculars. These manufacturers use their own special threads with varying sizes. You can find the appropriate tripod adapter for ZEISS and Swarovski binoculars in the accessories offered by these manufacturers.
(Michael Kirchner)


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