Omegon Телескоп N 114/900 EQ-1


  • Телескоп начального уровня для надлюдений за небесными объектами
  • Рефлектор-Ньютона с большим фокусным расстоянием
  • Диаметр объектива (апертура): 114 мм; Фокусное расстояние: 900 мм
  • Максимальное рекомендованное увеличение: 228x
  • Монтировка: Экваториальная EQ-1
  • В Комплекте: телескоп, минторовка и штатив, 2 окуляра, линза Барлоу, LED искатель.

Коробка для телескопа довольно большая и она не помещается в почтовый автомат.
Выбирайте доставку курьером или, перед оформлением заказа, напишите письмо на, что заберёте товар сами. Спасибо!

Brand: Omegon
Время доставки: 5-10 дней
Уровень подготовки: Начальный уровень
Оптическая схема: Рефлектор Ньютона
Тип доставки: Курьером (большая коробка не помещается в почтовый автомат)
Артикул: 11266
Category: Мой Первый телескоп

The classical Newton Reflector telescope according to Isaac Newton. These measurements and this kind of construction has been available for three decades now and has proved its power and efficiency

The 114mm mirror permits impressing planet observations as well as interesting Deep Sky experiences. Discover the rings of saturn, jupiter`s moons and our neighbour planet mars — under good conditions (for example in opposition), you will discover fascinating surface textures. Larger globular star clusters such as M15 can partly be dissolved into single stars because of their light collecting ability at the edges.

The EQ-1 is a parallactic mounting with an outstanding price-performance ratio! Its stability provides some beautiful and enjoyable hours with your telescope under the impressing sky. It permits a fine adjustment in declination and right ascension axis and can be refitted with an electronic tracking motor drive (to compensate the earth rotation) which replaces exhausting manual tracking.

The Optics of the114/900:

The 114mm mirror means superb planetary observing and fascinating excursions into the ‘deep sky’ are both possible. Discover the rings of the Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, or our neighboring planet Mars — in good conditions (when at opposition) you will be able to recognise larger surface features. The tube has a 1.25” focuser which can accept any standard eyepiece. The focuser has a focus wheel, allowing you to bring the object you are observing into sharp focus. You can first locate celestial objects with the finder scope fitted, and then position them in the field of view of the main telescope. The finder scope has crosshairs for precise centering of objects.

Already included in delivery:

  • 25mm eyepiece, giving 36X magnification
  • 10mm eyepiece, giving 90X magnification
  • 6×30 finder scope for easy location of celestial objects
  • 2x Barlow lens for doubling the eyepiece magnification

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 114mm aperture, so 2.5 times brighter than a 70mm telescope
  • 1.25“ focuser
  • optics can be collimated

The EQ-1Mount:

This parallactic mount provides the possibility of accurately aligning the optics to the Pole Star. The correct polar elevation can be set for any observing site or geographical latitude. Slow motions on the Right Ascension and Declination axes allow objects to be precisely adjusted in the field of view and followed, with a counterweight provided for precise counterbalancing of the optics.

The EQ-1 mount comes as one of two variants, with a free-standing tripod or a table-top tripod. You can find more details in the technical data. The free-standing tripod is extendable to between 70cm and 120cm high and has a tray, providing space for eyepieces and other accessories. The table-top tripod is extremely compact and light, and thus ideal for trips or holidays. The smaller of the EQ mounts is extremely light and compact and can fit into virtually any travel bag. It is easy enough to set up for any beginner and can be just as easily used by children. A motor for tracking in right ascension is an optional upgrade.

Included in delivery of the mount:

  • parallactic EQ-1mount
  • tripod
  • suitable counterweight

Our expert comment:

The 114/900mm EQ-1 telescope has good quality optics for its price category. Although the mirror is spherical, with an aperture ratio of 1:7.9 this is no problem at all in this case. The mount can only be used for visual observing with an instrument of this size. Astrophotography makes no sense with it, even if some less than reputable vendors sometimes claim the contrary.

Please note that similar telescopes are advertised in many places with magnifications of over 300X or even 600X. Theoretically, any telescope can reach these magnifications. But you will not be able to see anything! The maximum useful magnification of this type of telescope is about 230X for objects still to be sharply imaged.

This telescope definitely provides the best value for money of all telescopes of this price range. But if you want to invest a little more, we recommend the Omegon 130/920 EQ-2 with a larger aperture and a more stable mount.


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