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Omegon Телескоп AC 50/600 AZ

  • Телескоп Рефрактор для новичков
  • Диаметр объектива (апертура): 50mm / Фокусное расстояние: 600mm
  • Максимальное полезное увеличение: 100x
  • Оптическая труба и штатив выполнены из алюминия
  • В комплекте: Телескоп, штатив, искатель, аксессуары
Brand: Omegon

В наличии

Артикул: 33243
Category: Телескопы

Looking at the stars with a telescope, which child has not dreamed of it? This telescope is the first step towards sky observation .

Children can find their way into the fascination of astronomy in a playful way . Especially our moon with its seas and thousands of craters will offer spectacular insights even in this small telescope and show shadows cast on the moon. The telescope collects significantly more light than the naked eye can. The tripod supplied has a small azimuthal mount for right / left and up-down movement.

This telescope brings your child closer to nature. And who knows, maybe the foundation for an intensive study of astronomy will be laid right now.

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