BRESSER Arcturus Nasa 60/700 Телескоп Рефрактор AZ + Кейс


  • Телескоп Рефрактор для новичков с большим набором аксессуаров
  • Кейс для хранения и перевозки в комплекте
  • Диаметр объектива (апертура): 60mm / Фокусное расстояние: 700mm
  • Максимальное полезное увеличение: 120х
  • В комплекте 3 окуляра: 20мм даёт увеличение 35x, 12,5мм даёт увеличение 56x и 4мм даёт увеличение 175x
  • Монтировка: Азимутальная
  • Вес: 2 kg
  • Оптическая труба и штатив выполнены из алюминия
  • В комплекте: Телескоп, штатив, искатель, кейс, аксессуары
Brand: Bresser
Время доставки: 5-10 дней
Тип доставки: Курьером (большая коробка не помещается в почтовый автомат)
Уровень подготовки: Начальный уровень
Оптическая схема: Refraktor, Рефрактор
Артикул: 9800700
Category: Телескопы для маленьких детей

From the moon to Mars and beyond – NASA is reaching ever farther into space with its missions and space telescopes. Perhaps you’re interested in looking beyond our terrestrial horizons too? If so, you can take your first steps in the footsteps of famous astronauts and space explorers with this SPACE Exploration NASA 60/700 AZ refracting telescope. The complete astro kit comes with everything you need for your very own exploration of the night sky – a refracting telescope with NASA design, an altazimuth mount, a height-adjustable tripod and plenty of astronomy accessories. The perfect way to get started: this astronomical telescope is extremely easy to use. Just open up the case, set your telescope up and start observing the stars!

Explore the moon, planets and space yourself

Start your journey to the stars in our own solar system. Our very own natural satellite – the moon – is always worth exploring through the 60 mm aperture and 700 mm focal length. The large aperture ratio of approx. 1 to 11.7 (F/11.7) guarantees high-contrast images. The two main bands of cloud of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn will also be clearly visible through the state-of-the-art, carefully coated lens, which has outstanding imaging properties. If you’re eager to explore even deeper into the unknown, your refractor telescope will give you a glimpse of globular clusters and open star clusters, such as the famous Pleiades.

An entry-level telescope to help you get started

If you’re keen to start your discovery, you have no time to lose! With this refracting telescope, you’ll be up and running in no time at all, even if you’re just a beginner. The user-friendly altazimuth mount on the stable tripod allows you to move quickly from one celestial object to the next with your telescope. As with a standard camera tripod, you simply pivot the telescope up and down, left and right with your hand.
Use the 5×24 finder scope, mounted parallel to the tube, to quickly align the lens and seek out astronomical highlights for your observations. With low 5x magnification and integrated crosshairs, you can ensure that you have a clear picture of the night sky before focusing in on the detail with your telescope.

Telescope with plenty of accessories – everything you need for stargazing

With the right equipment by your side, your astro hobby can be even more fun. That’s why the sturdy hard case comes packed with plenty of useful accessories for safe transport. With three eyepieces, you can vary the magnification to give you a different perspective on our universe over and over again, while the 90 degree zenith mirror ensures a comfortable observation position at all times. Even if the lens is pointing vertically upwards, you can still observe comfortably from the side. Never lost in space – with the compass and star chart, you’ll always know exactly where to look. Plus, as our own planet has plenty to admire too, you can use your telescope with the reverse lens to observe animals and the nature around you during the day.

Follow your role models at NASA and start your very own astro adventure with the SPACE Exploration NASA 60/700 AZ refracting telescope.


  • Refracting telescope for beginners
  • Fraunhofer achromatic refractor
  • Aperture: 60 mm
  • Focal length: 700 mm
  • Aperture ratio f/11.7 for sharp images and high contrast
  • Ideal for observing the moon, planets and star clusters
  • Height-adjustable tripod with altazimuth mount
  • Easy to use, also very suitable for children
  • Three eyepieces with 31.7 mm (1.25”) push-in sleeves for different magnifications
  • Magnification with included accessories: 35x, 56x, 175x
  • Reverse lens for wildlife and landscape observations during the day
  • With hard shell case for storage and transport


  • Refracting telescope
  • Aluminium tripod
  • Altazimuth mount
  • Eyepieces: 4 mm; 12,5 mm; 20 mm (1.25” sleeves)
  • Star diagonal
  • 1.5x reverse lens
  • 5×24 finder scope
  • Accessory tray
  • Hard shell case
  • Compass
  • Star chart
  • Instruction manual


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