NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Металлоискатель для детей


С помощью металлоискателя NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ваши дети смогут в игровой форме исследовать мир и находить ценные сокровища.

  • Найдите скрытые сокровища из металла
  • Светодиодная лампа в комплекте
  • Акустический сигнал указывает на находки
  • Регулируемая длина от 65 см до 83 см
  • Вес: 460 г
  • В комплекте: металлоискатель, светодиодная лампа, инструкция
Brand: National Geographic
Время доставки: 1-3 дня

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Артикул: 9110500
Category: Бинокли для детей

Metal Detector 9110500 manual

You do not have to sail on the high seas or accidentally find an old map to find buried treasures.In fact, all around us, just below the earth’s surface, are valuable Precious metals that just wait to be found. All you need to start the hunt is this metal detector! Metal detection is a great hobby for adventurers of all ages. With One of these devices you can find coins, jewellery and even antiques.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable in length from 65 cm to 83 cm
  • Search coil can be angled
  • Acoustic signal shows metal finds
  • Additional light signal (LED lamp in the handle)
  • Clip-on LED Torch
  • Powered by battery (metal detector: 1 x Alkaline battery* (9 V); LED lamp: 3 x AAA batteries*)

What’s Included

  • Metal detector
  • LED lamp
  • Manual

*Batteries are NOT included

Technical Data

Field of application
  • Coins
  • Jewellery
Batteries needed2 1x 9V battery
Net weight (without access.) 460 g
2 The batteries are not included in the delivery. Please, use only the batteries that are recommended. Take a particular attention to the safety instructions written in the user guide.


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