BRESSER JUNIOR 7×30 Бинокль для Детей


  • Прекрасный подарок для любознательного ребенка
  • Увеличение: 7х / Диаметр объектива: 30 мм
  • Крепкая и надёжная конструкция
  • Размеры: 125 x 114 x 147 мм / Вес: 300 г.
  • Окуляры с вынесенным зрачком – удобно наблюдать в очках
  • В комплекте: бинокль, ремешок на руку, салфетка для очистки оптики, инструкция
Brand: Bresser
Время доставки: 1-3 дня
Тип доставки: Почтовым автоматом или Курьером
Уровень подготовки: Начальный уровень

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Category: Бинокли для детей

Whether you want to find robins in the treetops, catch a glimpse of elusive deer in the forest or explore every inch of a historical building, the BRESSER JUNIOR 7×30 Children’s Binoculars let you get up close to interesting objects. With these binoculars, you can see everything in 7x magnification. What’s more, the 30 mm lenses let plenty of light into your eyes so that you can marvel at every detail in optimal light. And thanks to the practical central focussing wheel with a large setting wheel, you can focus quickly when switching from one object of interest to the next.

7×30 Children’s binoculars: Perfectly adjusted to your child’s vision

Every child is unique, and so are their eyes, which is why these children’s binoculars can be perfectly adjusted to suit your child’s vision. The interpupillary distance, which varies between individuals, is easy to adjust. And if you wear glasses, you can keep them on and fold over the twist-up eyecups. In addition, you can use the dioptre compensation to compensate for any differences in vision between your left and right eye – so you’ll always have a perfect view!

The ideal companion for your next outdoor adventure

Thanks to their compact roof-prism design, the binoculars fit perfectly in children’s hands, while the handy carry strap allows them to be worn around the neck for easy access. And once you’ve finished exploring, you can stow the binoculars in their bag to keep them safe and secure.

Get stunning up-close views and make fascinating discoveries with the BRESSER JUNIOR 7×30 Children’s Binoculars!


  • Binoculars for children aged 6 and above
  • Roof prism system
  • 7x magnification
  • 30 mm lens diameter
  • Central focusing wheel
  • Adjustable eye distance
  • Dioptre compensation
  • Twist-up eyecups for glasses wearers


  • 7×30 Children’s binoculars
  • Bag
  • Shoulder strap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Instruction manual

Technical Data

Field of application
  • Hiking
  • Traveling & Sports
  • Bird watching & Nature observation
Magnification 7
Mirror/Lens diam. 30 mm
Material prisms BK-7
Eyepieces for eyeglass wearers
Diopter setting
Field of view at 1000m7 109 m
Field of view 6.25 degrees
Colour blue
Body material Plastic
Eyecups TwistUp eyecups
Material Plastic
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
Total length 125 mm
Total width 114 mm
Total height 147 mm
Net weight (without access.) 292 g
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 300 g


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