Bresser Цифровой Бинокль ночного видения Night Spy DIGI Pro FHD 3,6x


  • Увеличение: 3,5x (2x дигитальное увеличение)
  • Дальность обнаружения — 250 м
  • Позволяет видеть в полной темноте/ 940nm длина волны
  • Картинка Full-HD
  • До 5 часов непрерывной работы, батарейки AA
  • Размеры: 160 x 170 x 60 мм; Вес: 888 г
  • В комплекте: прибор ночного видения, ремешок, сумка, USB кабель, AV кабель, салфетка для чистки
Brand: Bresser
Время доставки: 5-10 дней
Тип доставки: Почтовым автоматом или Курьером
Артикул: 1877493
Category: Ночное Видение

1877493 Bresser NightSpyDIGI Pro FHD 3,6x 250m — Eng manual

The BRESSER Night Spy DIGI Pro FHD is a solid binocular night vision device with invisible integrated 940nm infrared illumination for outdoor use. The device works on the basis of a built-in image sensor which can also be used during the day or against the light. Due to the digital technology, the device is also protected when used in daylight.

Full-HD Sensor
Thanks to the large sensor with 1920×1080 pixels, this device has an Full-HD quality which makes observing a pleasure. Details or small animals are easier to see

Invisible, focusable and dimmable IR illumination
The infrared illumination is dimmable in 5 steps and can thus be perfectly adjusted to the different observation situations. In addition, the IR illumination works in a wavelength range of 940nm which cannot be detected by humans or animals. Other devices with e.g. 840nm are visible to game and can scare it away. Therefore, this device is perfect for observing wildlife. Furthermore, the IR illumination can be focussed. This means that it can be focused at longer distances in order to better control the illumination.

Dimmable backlight
With this setting you can adjust the screen in 15 steps for your wishes. This allows the backlight to be used at a low level in complete darkness. This reduces eye strain and makes it easier to watch.

Recording function
Thanks to the possibility of using an SD card in this night vision device, video and photo recordings are also possible in complete darkness. These can be stored on an SD card (not included) with a size of 8GB to 128GB.

Battery level indicator
The battery status is displayed in the image at all times. This way you are always up to date on the energy capacity. This is approx. 5 hours at normal IR power and 3.5 hours at full IR power

Powerbank compatible
The night vision device NightspyDIGI FHD is compatible with commercially available powerbanks. This can extend the operating time many times over. The scope of delivery already includes a mounting option.

ECO Mode Automatic switch-off
The night vision device switches off automatically after 10min if no operation is carried out. This extends the battery life. A short start-up time of only 3 seconds guarantees quick readiness for use.


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