Delta Optical BioLight 500 Микроскоп, 40x-1000x


Delta Optical BioLight 500 — это микроскоп гораздо более высокого класса, чем микроскопы серии BioLight 100, 200 и 300.

  • Увеличение: 40x-1000x
  • Поворотная на 360° окулярная головка
  • Работает от сети 230 В или от аккумуляторных батареек АА.
  • LED подсветка с диммером.
  • Вес:   кг

Для микроскопа нужно использовать только аккумуляторные батарейки типа АА. Использование обычных батареек допускается, но только в том случае, если микроскоп отключен от сети. В противном случае это может привести к повреждению устройства или даже возгоранию.

Brand: Delta Optical
Время доставки: 1-3 дня
Уровень подготовки: Любительский
Тип доставки: Почтовым автоматом или Курьером

В наличии

Артикул: DO-3320
Category: Микроскопы для студентов

Delta Optical BioLight 500 is an educational microscope that allows you to get 1000x magnification in the basic set without using immersion oil. It is intended for young adepts of discovering the secrets of the microworld.

The microscope has three achromatic lenses, known from the BioLight model, but of a much higher class than in the BioLight 100, 200 and 300 series microscopes. They allow you to achieve magnifications in the range of 40-400x, and with the attached WF 25x eyepiece you can achieve a maximum of 1000x.

  • The microscope has an ergonomic, easy-to-carry tripod.
  • The monocular head can be rotated 360′, comes with two glasses: 10x / 16 and 25x / 9.
  • Three achromatic lenses — 4x, 10x and 40x are mounted in a rotating turret.
  • It has a built-in battery power module — 3 AA fingers.
  • Micro and macro focusing mechanism, with coaxial knobs for convenient operation.
  • A cross table with a sliding mechanism in the x and y axes as well as a scale and a specimen holder — they increase the precision of observation under the microscope.
  • An additional method of fixing the specimen in the form of two paws — allows the table to be moved along the Z axis to a greater extent.
  • Lower and upper LED lighting allows you to observe classic preparations and small, opaque objects.
  • The aperture wheel, located under the stage, allows you to imitate the work of the condenser, increasing the contrast and sharpness of the observed specimen.

The Delta Optical BioLight 500 in a combination with the optional microscope camera, is an excellent tool for taking pictures and recording videos showing the richness of forms and colors of the microworld. We encourage you to view photos taken with this microscope.

Note: for the microscope, it is recommended to use AA rechargeable batteries (fingers). The use of ordinary batteries is allowed, but only when the microscope is disconnected from the mains . Otherwise, it may damage the device or even fire.

Supplier’s symbol: DO-3320 Application: Education
Correction: 160 mm Lighting source: LED
Field of view: 16 mm, 9 mm Cross table: 90 x 90 mm
  • 4x
  • 10x
  • 40x
Glasses: 10x / 16, 25x / 9
Focus adjustment: micro / macro Lighting: top-reflected; bottom-passing
Microscope table: 90×90 mm Head:
  • mono
  • monocular
Objective revolver: three-lens Top lighting: reflected LED
Lower lighting: passing LED The mechanism of the preparation advance: Yes
Focus adjustment knobs: two-sided; coaxial Observation technique:
  • Bright field
  • reflected light
optics class: achromatic Battery type: 3 x AA
Microscope magnification:
  • 40 x
  • 100 x
  • 400 x
  • 1000 x
  • 250 x
Eyepiece Magnification:
  • 10x
  • 25x
Microscope power supply:
  • AC
  • 3xAA
Guarantee period: 24 months


microscope with 4x, 10x, 40x objectives
10x, 25x eyepiece
cross table, lugs holding the specimen
Power Supply


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