Bresser Junior Телескоп AC 45/600 AZ синий


  • Телескоп, который хорошо подходит для первых шагов в астрономии
  • Диаметр объектива (апертура): 45 мм / Фокусное расстояние: 600 мм
  • Максимальное полезное увеличение: 90х
  • Монтировка: Азимутальная
  • Вес: 1,1 кг
  • В комплекте два окуляра (6 мм/12 мм)
Brand: Bresser
Время доставки: 1-3 дня
Уровень подготовки: Начальный уровень
Оптическая схема: Refraktor
Тип доставки: Курьером (большая коробка не помещается в почтовый автомат)

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Артикул: 54877
Category: Телескопы для маленьких детей

Discover the world of astronomy with your colorful telescope from BRESSER!

What child hasn’t dreamt of gazing at the stars with a telescope? The AC 50/600 opens up the world of skygazing.
It takes children on a path into the fascinating world of astronomy, like the moon with its oceans and thousands of craters. This telescope offers tremendous views of the moon and the shadows on its surface.

With the 50mm lens aperture, it can collect up to 50 times as much light as the naked eye. The included tabletop tripod provides a small azimuth stand.

The AC 50/600 is a toy that will bring your child closer to nature. And who knows – perhaps it may even kindle the fire that will someday lead to intensive astronomical pursuits.

With this telescope, you will get an beginner telescope to gain first experiences with the world of astronomy. Thanks to the included reversing lens you can also use this telescope for natural observations as the reversing lens allows an upright image to be obtained.
The telescope is available in four colors! One will certainly please you and fit perfectly into your room.

We already wish you many exciting adventures and lots of fun!


  • 1x Bresser lens telescope 45/600 AZ
  • 1x simple aluminum tripod
  • 2x eyepieces (6 mm and 12 mm)
  • 1x zenith mirror
  • 1x reversing lens
  • 1x viewfinder
  • 1x star chart
  • 1x Planetarium software
  • 1x manual (English / German)

Technical Data

Product Family Refractor telescope
Extended warranty 5 years
Total length 56 cm
Total width 6 cm
Total height 12 cm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 1.1 kg


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