BRESSER BR-7 Штатив c макс. нагрузкой до 7кг, чёрный алюминий


  • Штатив (2 в 1 tripod/monopod) с большой максимальной нагрузкой
  • Максимальной нагрузка дo 7 кг
  • Материал — алюминий
  • Пошаговая регулировка высоты, 5 положений (55.5-170 см)
  • Размеры: 104 x 104 x 170 см; Вес: 1.97 кг
  • Адапрет с пластиной и резьбой 1/4» DIN
  • Головка с рельсой типа «ласточкин хвост»
  • Встроенный уровень
  • Быстрые фиксаторы для сборки и разборки
  • В комплекте: штатив, адаптер пластина, сумка
Brand: Bresser
Время доставки: 5-10 дней

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Артикул: 4922500
Category: Штативы

The BRESSER BR-7 Field tripod is a 2in1 tripod/monopod, especially designed for mobile use. It can be used as a classical field tripod or can be transformed into a monopod just in a few steps. The modular design concept makes it possible!
Despite to its high load capacity of up to 7 kg, it has a very low weight. The tripod legs are made of lightweight aluminum and can be adjusted stepless in the height from 55.5 up to 170 cm at five points. The tripod legs can also be moved around individually up to 180° in order to achieve a horizontal or 45° position in any terrain. The built-in circular level helps for a plane stand.
The ball-bearing tripod head allows for movements in almost every position. Photo or optical devices with an 1/4″ DIN connector thread can be placed on the removable adapter plate. The adapter plate can be moved within the guide rail (dovetail) of the tripod head and be fixed in the desired position. Thus, also cameras or spotting scopes with longer dimensions can be perfectly balanced. Opening and closing of all fixations can be done by quick clamping rings with a non-slip rubber armoring. It’s a child’s play!
The elegant black finish combined with elegant accented rings made of aluminum make the BRESSER BR-7 Filed tripod an eye-catcher.


  • 2in1: usable as a field tripod or monopod
  • Load capacity up to 7 kg
  • Stepless 5-point height adjustment  (55.5-170 cm)
  • Removable adapter plate with 1/4» DIN connector thread
  • Ball-bearing tripod head with dovetail rail
  • Built-in circular level
  • Quick clamping rings to open and close the fixations


  • Tripod
  • Adapter plate
  • Nylon carrying case
  • Instruction manual


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