BRESSER TR-688V видео штатив с 2-сторонним наклоном


  • Видео штатив с 2-сторонним наклоном
  • Максимальной нагрузка дo 3 кг
  • Регулировка высоты (63.5-171 см)
  • Индивидуально регулируемые ножки для неровной поверхности
  • Размер в сложенном состоянии 70 см / вес: 2 кг
  • В комплекте: штатив + головка, адаптер пластина, сумка
Brand: Bresser
Время доставки: 5-10 дней
Артикул: F002036
Category: Штативы

he BRESSER TR-688V is a solid video tripod at a small price!

The three tripod legs can be individually adjusted in length thanks to the practical quick-release buckles. The rubber feet can be angled as required. So you can find stable stand even on slopes and on uneven ground. Ideal for photographing outdoors!

360 ° shots are not a problem with the 2-way tilt. With the help of the handgrip, the tripod head can be rotated 360 ° smoothly. In addition, the camera can be tilted up to 90 ° over two axes. An integrated water scale and canister bubble ensure the required precision.

Want to quickly switch between cameras with different lenses and settings? With the quick-release plate is no problem!


  • especially lightweight and transportable
  • suitable for cameras and spotting scopes up to a total weight of 3 kg
  • infinitely height adjustable from 63.5 cm to 171 cm
  • 2-way tilt with quick-release plate
  • 1/4 «photo screw
  • two integrated circular levels
  • individually adjustable tripod legs for uneven terrain
  • by hand crank extendable column
  • Hook for attachment of a counterweight for more stability


  • Video tripod with 2-way tilt
  • Quick release plate
  • Tripod bag with shoulder strap


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