BRESSER Analyth STR 10x – 40x stereo microscope


  • Stereo microscope with 3 objectives, 10x; 20x and 40x
  • Perfectly suited for hobby, education and professional use
  • Bright LED for reflected and transmitted light, dimmable
  • Power supply with AC adapter or 3x AA batteries
  • For mobile use, with carry handle
Brand: Bresser
Delivery time: 5-10 days
Delivery type: Via Parcel machine or by a Courier
Focus Group: Enthusiasts
SKU: 5803800
Category: Microscopes for students

Instruction Manual, Eng

The Analyth STR comes with 3 different magnifications, that can easily be switched by turning the objective. It is easy to change magnifications from 10x to 20x or 40x. The stereo microscope will show structured objects nicely in 3D, which is especially impressive. The low starting magnification of 10x is helpful when working with children and will show objects in full up to a size of 20mm. With the wide magnification range, the Analyth STR is a versatile instrument. You can use it to view insects, plants, minerals and much more. It is useful for hobbyists, in schools and more. Typical professional applications include quality control, gardening or farming (pest control), hydrobiology and much more.

The interpupilllary distance and the diopters can be adjusted to your needs. The eyepieces feature a big field of view of 20mm. They are equipped with rubber eyecups and have a locking screw to prevent loss or damage during transport.

The power supply can be achieved through the AC adapter or with a set of 3 AA type batteries (batteries not included). This makes the microscope  perfect for mobile use, e.g. outside in the garden or for biology field work.


  • Microscope with 3 pairs of objectives, objective magnifications 10x; 20x; 40x
  • Wide field eyepieces with eyecups and 20mm field of view
  • Bright, economical LED illumination, angle adjustable
  • Illumination for incident and transmitted light can be switched separately
  • Dimmer operation via a foil switch with status display
  • Two specimen plates (black/white or glass matt), with specimen clips


  • Microscope with 3 magnifications, 10x; 20x; 40x
  • Metal stand with LED illumination, power supply and battery compartment
  • 2 eyepieces with rubber eyecups
  • Glass object plate
  • Plastic object plate (black/white)
  • Dust cover
  • Operating instructions

Technical Data

Field of application
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Entomology
  • Mineralogy
  • Education
Focus Group
  • Beginners
  • Advanced Amateurs
  • Professional users
Product Family Incident and transmitted light microscope
Optical design Stereo
Diopter setting
Power supply1
  • 220/240V AC Power supply
  • 1.5V Batteries
Lighting5 Incident and transmitted light
Dimmer Dimmable lighting and switch for incident and transmitted light
Transportability good
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 30.5 mm
Eyecups Rubber eyecups, fixed
View Binocular
Interpupilar distance min. 50 mm
Interpupilar distance max. 77 mm
Object height max. 50 mm
XY cross stage No XY Stage
Object stage features 2 Object plates, exchangeable
Extended warranty 5 years
Total length 225 mm
Total width 180 mm
Total height 265 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 2.2 kg
1 Power adapter included. Batterie operation optionally. Batteries not included.



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