Delta Optical Discovery 50 Microscope, 20x-40x


  • Delta Optical Discovery 50 microscope is a good stereoscopic microscope not only for young explorers.
  • Microscope magnification: 20-40x
  • Lighting: reflected (from the top) and passing (from the bottom)
  • Illumination is powered by adapter or batteries (type AA)
  • Working distance: 50mm
  • Pupil distance: adjustable 54-76 mm
  • Ideal for hobby, school and job
Brand: Delta Optical
Delivery time: 5-10 days
Delivery type: Via Parcel machine or by a Courier
Focus Group: Enthusiasts
SKU: DO-3680
Category: Microscopes for students

Thanks to the Delta Optical Discovery 50 battery module, it also allows you to work without mains supply (operating time on battery power – minimum 12 hours). Rotary lens changer gives you 20x and 40x magnification , and with the optional 20x eyepieces a maximum of 80x.

To the microscope, through an optional 30.5 mm adapter, you can attach a digital eyepiece camera or a professional microscope camera, mounted in one of the eyepiece tubes. It will allow you to take photos and record videos, allowing you to document microscopic observations and share them with others.


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