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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 114/500 Kompaktne Teleskoop

  • Newtoni tüüpi reflektor teleskoop algajatele
  • Peapeegli läbimõõt: 114mm / Fookuskaugus: 500mm
  • Suurim soovituslik suurendus: 228x
  • Komplektis kaks okulaari: 20 mm, 6 mm ja Barlow lääts 2x
  • Suurendus komplekteeritud okulaaridega: 25x, 83x (50x-166x Barlow läätsega).
  • Monteering: Dobson
  • Lihtne ja kiire kokkupanek
  • Komplektis: Teleskoop, 2 Okulaari (6 mm, 20 mm), Barlow-lääts 2x, Kuufilter, LED punatäpp otsija, tarkvara
Brand: National Geographic
Kasutaja tase: Algajad
Optiline disain: Newtoni tüüpi reflektor
Tarneaeg: 5-10 päeva
Kättetoimetamise viis: Pakiautomaadi kaudu või Kulleriga
Tootekood: 9065000
Category: Minu Esimene teleskoop

manual National Geographic Dobson 114-500Kasutusjuhend

With its 114-mm aperture, this telescope collects three times more light than a 76-mm telescope. Therefore, fainter objects become visible, and you can see more details of the moon and planets. Nevertheless, the telescope is very compact and sets up quickly, with no assembly required, so it can be transported to your favorite night-sky-observation location easily. Use is very intuitive, without compromising stability. The built-in accessory tray keeps the eyepieces handy, and the red-dot finder makes locating objects simple.
Please note: Reflector telescopes with optical design “Newton” are very good for astronomical observing at the starry night sky. But these telescopes are not well usable for observing landscape and nature during daylight. Therefore we suggest refractor (lens) telescopes for landscape and nature observing.


  • compact Dobson telescope
  • easy to handle particularly for beginners
  • integrated compass


  • telescope
  • 2 eyepieces (6 mm, 20 mm)
  • Barlow lens 2x
  • moon filter
  • LED finder
  • software

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