BRESSER Digitaalne Öövaatlusbinokkel 3×20


  • Suurendus: 3x (6x digitaalne suurendus)
  • Kauguse tuvastus – 100 m
  • Mõõdud: 185 x 145 x 55 mm; Kaal: 680 g
  • Suur ja mugav displei kahele silmale
  • Komplektis: öövaate seade, kandekott, rihm, juhend
Brand: Bresser
Tarneaeg: 5-10 päeva
Tootekood: 9677480
Category: Öövaatlusseadmed

Manual 9677480, Eng – kasutusjuhend Bresser Digitaalne Öövaatlusbinokkel  3×20

This digital night vision device has a large display and a tripod thread. This instrument is not prone to malfunction due to illumination overexposure since it is equipped with the newest digital technology and not the traditional analog version. Although intended for use during dusk or dawn, the integrated IR illumination allows the observer to see in total darkness. Because of the large view you have the opportunity to look with distance in the night vision device. The 3x magnification (6x with digital zoom) allows far objects to be seen with greater detail. The maximum observation distance is approximately 100 m.


  • digital night vision device
  • digital zoom function
  • built-in infrared illuminator with levels of intensity
  • range: about 100 m
  • tripod thread
  • battery powered: 6x AA batteries (included!)


  • night vision device
  • case
  • 6x AA batteries
  • padded carrying strap
  • manual
    Optical design Digital
    Magnification from 3
    Magnification up to 6
    Mirror/Lens diam. 20 mm
    Type of coating Fully coated
    Field of view at 1000m7 175 m
    Field of view 10 degrees
    Close focus 1 m
    Power supply1 1.5V Batteries
    Batteries needed2 6x AA (Mignon), 1.5V
    Battery lifetime 6 h
    IR illumination IR illumination, 850nm
    Range 100 m
    Integrated infrared illuminator
    Screen Type 4:3
    Sensor type CMOS Color
    Navigation Control buttons
    Tripod adapter thread
    Temperature range min. (°C) -20
    Temperature range max. (°C) 60
    Colour grey
    Body material Plastic
    Body armouring Rubber/Plastic
    Extended warranty 5 years
    Total length 185 mm
    Total width 145 mm
    Total height 55 mm
    Net weight (without access.) 680 g


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