uHoo Умный Датчик Контроля Воздуха 9 в 1


  • Обеспечьте безопасность вашей семьи с помощью самого современного датчика качества воздуха
  • Контролируйте девять факторов качества воздуха, влияющих на здоровье и самочувствие, с помощью анализа в реальном времени, индекса вирусов и возможностью интеграции с системой «умного дома». Отслеживайте температуру, CO2, CO, NO2, O3, влажность, уровень пыль, токсины и давление воздуха!
  • Простой в использовании. Получайте оповещения, советы и информацию о том, как управлять качеством воздуха в помещении. Всю необходимую вам информацию можно найти в красивом интерфейсе, который может понять любой член семьи.
  • Предназначен для любого пространства. Сделайте воздух в любой комнате здоровым со стилем.
  • Наблюдай, каким воздухом ты дышишь!
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Brand: uHoo
Артикул: 68995
Category: Датчики и Метеостанции

Product description:

uHoo Smart Sensor

uHoo is a smarter sensor which monitors and analyses the ambient air and its quality and provides insights and solutions in real-time: wherever you are, thanks to cloud technology!

uHoo is currently the only sensor which measures the nine different elemental ambient air values:


  • Feel better in yourself and enjoy restorative sleep.
  • Range: -40 to +85°C, Calibration: 0.1%, Accuracy: +-0,5°C

Carbon dioxide (CO2):

  • Suffer from less nausea and have a clear mind.
  • Range: 400-10.000ppm, Calibration: 1ppm, Accuracy: +- 50ppm or +-3%

Carbon monoxide (CO):

  • Avoid fatigue, chest pain and air pollution.
  • Range: 0-1000ppm, Calibration: 0.1ppm, Accuracy: +- 2ppm or +-5%

Relative humidity:

  • Minimise humidity and avoid mould formation.
  • Range: 0-100%, Calibration: 0.1%, Accuracy: +-3%

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2):

  • Discover when you should prevent exhaust fumes from the street coming in.
  • Range: 0-1000ppb, Calibration: 1ppb, Accuracy: +- 10ppb or +-5%

Ozone (O3):

  • Alleviates sore throats and the negative health impacts of gadgets.
  • Range: 0-1000ppb, Calibration: 1ppb, Accuracy: +- 10ppb or +-5%

Particulates (PM2.5):

  • Prevent a build-up of dust before allergies and infections arise.
  • Range 1-200µg/m3, Calibration: 1µg/m3, Accuracy: +- m3 or +-10%

Ozone (O3):

  • Alleviates sore throats and the negative health impacts of gadgets.
  • Range: 0-1200ppb, Calibration: 1ppb, Accuracy: +- 10ppb or +-5%

Air pressure:

  • Understand why arthritic pains and headaches arise.
  • Range: 300-110mBar, Calibration: 0.1mBar, Accuracy: +-1mBar

VOC refers to substances in the air which can enter a room or building from various sources: e.g. formaldehyde from furniture, alcohol from cleaning products or phenols from printers. If the concentration of VOCs in the ambient air is elevated, this can influence or restrict the concentrations of those using the room.

The uHoo App also includes the uHoo Virus Index. This is the global first and only method for measuring viral load (e.g. COVID-19) based on real-time air quality. The uHoo Virus Index is a patent-pending technology which collects and monitors data about the air quality, analyses it, and informs you about the viral load at home. Furthermore, uHoo provides you with information about how the air is influencing your general health and your immune system. Viruses only survive in certain environments. So, if you keep your uHoo Virus Index at a healthy level, viruses (including COVID-19) cannot survive and you greatly reduce your risk of infection.

The uHoo Virus Index is based on a 10-point system and is divided into four categories: good, mild, poor and severe. Each category provides you with further insights into air quality, viral load risk and how you can improve the air.

uHoo makes you aware of unusual events or changes in your ambient air in real-time. National, international or self-determined threshold values, which can be set in the app, are used as a benchmark. If, for example, a cleaning product is spilled and increases the VOC value, this is recorded by uHoo and the app reports this via a push notification.

The graphic analyses show data sequences which enable you to identify and analyse trends, insights and behavioural effects. For example, ventilating due to the local morning traffic can lead to a rise in particulates, even if it lowers the CO2 level at the same time. Using this analysis, you can take proactive measures to improve and modify old habits and activities where possible.

uHoo is IFTTT-compatible and can communicatewith other smart home products in the household. uHoo can also be integrated into your eq-3/Homematic/Mediola smart home environment. Further integration Eine weitere Integration ist with the Conrad Connect system is also possible.
Additional integrations with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, somfy, Apple Home Kit, nest, control andSmartThings are in the preparation/implementation stages.

Key features:

  • Real-time feedback and warning messages
  • Continuous ambient air monitoring
  • App for iPhones und Android devices
  • Virus Index to measure viral load
  • Energy saving insights
  • Health and safety insights
  • Proactive health management
  • Sharing opportunities with friends and family via social media
  • WiFi collection
  • Smart home network integration (e.g. eq3/Homematic/Mediola/IFTTT/Conrad Connect)
  • EU-based cloud server
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
  • Compatibility: iOS 9 or higher, Android 4.3 or higher
  • Includes: uHoo, USB cable, power adapter


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