Sky-Watcher Star Discovery MAK 127/1500 с Компьютерным Управлением и Wi-Fi


  • Телескоп Максутова-Кассегрена с компьютерным управлением и Wi-Fi модулем
  • Диаметр объектива (апертура): 127 мм / Фокусное расстояние: 1500 мм
  • Максимальное рекомендованное увеличение: 254x
  • В комплекте два окуляра: 20 мм, 10 мм
  • Увеличение с включенными окулярами: 75x-150x
  • Монтировка: Азимутальная с автоматическом управлением
  • Установленные координаты более чем 270.000 небесных объектов
Brand: Sky-Watcher
Время доставки: 5-10 дней
Тип доставки: Курьером (большая коробка не помещается в почтовый автомат)
Уровень подготовки: Любительский
Оптическая схема: Катадиоптрик
Артикул: MAK-127-GoTo
Category: Мой Первый телескоп, Телескопы более высокого класса

Astronomical observations have never been so easy and accessible to everyone as now, thanks to the new Sky-Watcher Star Discovery series of telescopes! Star Discovery telescopes are intended for novice users lost in the maze of various telescope models, looking for their dream equipment:

  • lighter than others
  • fastest to assemble
  • the easiest to use
  • more modern than others
  • reliable in science the first astronomical observations

This is what Star Discovery telescopes are all about. Their stable, azimuth mounting on a steel, sliding tripod is concealed by the modern GO-TO SynScan system. Via the Wi-Fi module and using the smartphone application, it allows you to track and track objects in the sky! Moreover, the system of dual axis encoders allows for manual repositioning of the telescope without the risk of losing orientation of the telescope with respect to the stars.

The assembly head has a basket for 8 batteries / rechargeable batteries, thanks to which the telescope can operate wirelessly. This opens up great opportunities for observation away from buildings, for example during a car trip into a dark, starry sky outside the city. It is also an ideal proposition for the organizers of sky shows, popularizers of astronomy and teachers. Nothing stands in the way of going on a nighttime escapade with the new Star Discovery telescope. Express assembly / disassembly of the optical tube and assembly of the tripod takes place using single knobs and takes 3 minutes. Tripod tripod sets, along with the tube, will fit into any car and is easy to carry and fold by 1 person

The adjustable elevation axis clutch allows smooth and light control of the telescope, even at the zenith. Appropriate quality finder-scope or red-dot (depending on the model) allows you to quickly find out in which part of the sky the found object lies. Impress your friends with your knowledge of the sky by showing them off in the Star Discovery Telescope! The assembly of Star Discovery telescopes is not only astronomical equipment. Just remove the telescope from it and mount a DSLR with a lens to enter the world of simple astrophotography, time-lapse photography and video filming. This assembly offers the functionality of Virtuoso assembly — it allows you to release the shutter of digital cameras (through the appropriate cable available outside the set), is battery powered and has a similar accessory mounting system on the L-adapter (dovetail).

The Star Discovery series includes several models of telescopes:

  • achromatic refractor 102/500 mm
  • Maksutov-Cassegrain 102/1250 mm
  • Maksutov-Cassegrain 127/1500 mm
  • Newton parabolic reflector 130/650 mm
  • Newton parabolic reflector 150/750 mm

Optical system
It is a Maksutov telescope with an aperture of 127mm and a focal length of 1500mm. The telescope’s optics consist of a spherical meniscus corrector (negative meniscus lens made of chronicle glass), a primary mirror, and a secondary mirror located on the inside of the meniscus. Telescopes of this type have a reduced coma, astigmatism and, as a rule, show only residual chromatic aberration. They provide sensationally sharp and expressive images. Due to the significant focal length and low light, they are perfect for observing the Moon and planets. After retrofitting with a 30-40mm eyepiece, the telescope can be used to observe bright deep sky objects.

This telescope collects about 235 times more light than the human eye at night, providing the ability to observe objects up to nearly 12.1 magnitude (with naked eye visibility up to magnitude 6). The size of the mirror is also related to the optical resolution, which in this telescope allows it to separate stars that are more than 1.1 ”apart.

The telescope is equipped with a 1.25 ”eyepiece output. The focus is adjusted using the knob next to the mirror. It is by adjusting the position of the main mirror that we adjust the focus. The 1.25 «90-degree angle adapter included in the kit enables observations at the zenith as well as ground-based observations, as the image in the telescope is correctly oriented vertically. Two eyepieces of this diameter are included in the kit.

The Star Discovery 127 telescope is the first telescope that can be successfully used in the study of astrophotography of the Moon, the Sun and planets, thanks to a simple azimuthal assembly with a computerized drive in both axes, which has a load capacity sufficient to support the optical tube of the Maksutov system and the body of a digital SLR. The extractor has a T-2 thread for connecting an optional T-ring and the SLR body.

Astronomical observations

1. Solar system

  • features on the lunar surface larger than 1.5-2 km in size;
  • sunspots and their structure;
  • all the planets of the solar system;
  • Mercury and Venus phases
  • Mars shield
  • under good conditions, the detailed structure of stripes in the atmosphere of Jupiter and Galilean moons are visible
  • Saturn’s rings and several of the planet’s smaller moons
  • Uranus and Neptune
  • motion of asteroids against the background of stars
  • observations of bright comets

2. Stars

  • about 1.8 million stars across the sky, shining down to about magnitude 12.1
  • double and multiple stars separated from each other angularly by more than 1.1 «.
  • the colors of the brightest stars

3. Nebulae objects

  • almost all Messier catalog objects
  • hundreds of globular clusters
  • hundreds of open clusters
  • brighter nebulae
  • dozens of galaxies

Ground observation
A telescope with this type of optics is not well suited to ground observation. To reverse the image, use the prismatic angle cap, thanks to which we will reverse the image to natural (straight). Together with the angle cap and the appropriate mounting on which it is placed, it can be used as a simple instrument for ground observation.

Due to the portable nature of the set, it is not factory-equipped with an AC adapter.
The equipment includes only a basket for 8 batteries / rechargeable batteries, which is used to power the assembly.
A suitable power supply is: item nr. 14531


Star Discovery GT head
10 mm eyepiece
20 mm eyepiece
steel tripod
6×30 finder
Wi-Fi module



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