Omegon бинокль для наблюдения звездного неба 20×80


  • Увеличение: 20х / Диаметр объектива: 80 мм
Brand: Omegon
Время доставки: 5-10 дней
Артикул: 12461
Category: Астрономические бинокли, Бинокли

A beautiful binocular for nature and astronomy enthusiasts looking for good results without spending hundreds of euros.

At 2.4kg, the binocular is still light and can be mounted onto a good camera tripod. The integrated tripod adapter makes it easy to mount, with no additional adapter required, and you get right down to high-quality observations of nature or the night sky.
With up to 20x enlargement, resolution is high. The large 80mm aperture and broadband multi-coating provide a very light image.

The binoculars come complete with carrying strapcase and cleaning cloth.

Our expert comment:

Inexpensive binoculars with a great performance!

Omegon Nightstar 20×80 binoculars are a perfect companion for amateur astronomers.

As an alternative to a telescope, it is a pleasure to use both eyes for exploring the night sky over a wide field of view. Especially in summer, being able to let your gaze wander along the Milky Way is great fun. Omegon Nightstar 20×80 binoculars provide a sharp image, which only slightly decreases in sharpness towards the edge of the field of view. They are also a great pair of binoculars for nature watching when mounted on a tripod.

(Marcus Schenk)


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