Omegon алюминиевый кейс для аксессуаров, большой


Brand: Omegon
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Product description:

Accessory Case: Now you have everything you need always to hand

Observing the sky means you naturally need various eyepieces, filters, adapters and cables. That can mean accumulating a lot of gear over time. Hopefully you will have thought of everything you need for your observing. It would be a shame if a missing camera release cable puts a spanner in the works regarding taking your astronomy photos. So why not use an Omegon eyepiece case for your valuable equipment.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • completely foam-lined — for keeping your eyepieces and other accessories firmly in place
  • metal fittings for robustness
  • plastic handle
  • locking metal fasteners
  • modern design

Aluminium case with flexible foam lining

What you need in an accessories case — a solid foam lining to provide plenty of space for your accessories. You just need a craft knife to individually customize the foam interior of your case.

Metal fittings on the sides

These ensure the robustness of your case and prolong its life — as the case will often be set down on hard and stony ground. This reinforcement of the case ensures it will survive years of hard use.

Is it going to be a clear night? Then your accessories are already to go and you will have everything you need close at hand.

The exact dimensions:

  • External dimensions: 440x310x140mm
  • Effective internal depth, main compartment: 85mm
  • Effective internal depth, top: 35mm


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