BRESSER Wave, 10×42 Водонепроницаемый Бинокль


  • Идеальный бинокль для любых погодных условий.
  • Водонепроницаемый, герметичный бинокль с просветлённой оптикой
  • Увеличение: 10х / Диаметр объектива: 42 мм
  • Обзорность на 1000 м: 102 м
  • Размеры: 143 x 122 x 54 мм / вес: 580 г
  • Премиальные стеклянные линзы BaK-4
  • Корпус, не пропускающий воду и заполненный инертным газом для защиты линз от запотевания
  • Класс защиты от воды: IPX7 (может быть погружен в воду на глубину до 1 метра на 30 минут)
  • Центральное колесо фокусировки выполнено из металла
  • Окуляры с вынесенным зрачком – удобно наблюдать в очках
  • В комплекте: бинокль, сумка, ремешок, защитные крышки окуляров и объективов, салфетка для очистки оптики
Brand: Bresser
Время доставки: 5-10 дней
Тип доставки: Почтовым автоматом или Курьером
Уровень подготовки: Любительский

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The perfect pair of binoculars for all types of adventure: Whether for exploring nature, discovering your favourite city or watching sporting events, the BRESSER Wave 10×42 binoculars are the perfect all-rounder. Thanks to the 10x magnification, objects that are 1000 metres away appear to be just 100 metres in front of you. Compared with binoculars with a smaller magnification, these binoculars allow you to view the world in stunning detail. The field of view on the 10×42 binoculars is slightly smaller than on a pair of binoculars with 8x magnification. At a distance of 1000 m, the field of view is 102 m wide. However, this allows you to view animals or other interesting objects in much more detail – great for observing peaceful scenes such as groups of seals close up!

Crystal-clear images with the Wave 10×42 binoculars

These convenient roof-prism binoculars feature a 42-millimetre objective that lets in plenty of light. This allows you to make undisturbed observations of distant objects right up until twilight. The optical surfaces feature a multi-layer coating to reduce reflections and increase light transmission. The UR coating on the prism produces a brighter and clearer image, which is particularly useful in poor weather and challenging light conditions. The glass also delivers impressive performance: Thanks to the premium BaK-4 glass material (barium crown glass), you can enjoy colour-true, highly detailed images.

Also suitable for glasses wearers

The 10×42 binoculars are also suitable for glasses wearers. Simply turn in the twist-up eyecups to obtain the perfect distance between the eyepiece lenses and your eyes. The longer eye relief on the LE eyepieces ensures that you can see the entire field of view when wearing glasses. Observe an animal, sporting star or historical building: with these binoculars, you won’t miss anything! To ensure that one eye does not see a sharper image, you can compensate for differences in acuity with the dioptre adjustment.

Wave 10×42 binoculars – ideal for on-the go use

Whether you’re a globetrotter, nature fan, or just want to discover the world in more detail, the 10×42 binoculars come with a comfortable neck strap and are ideal for taking with you on exciting adventures. Featuring a sturdy design, they are guaranteed to be an excellent companion, wherever you decide to go. Thanks to the robust central focusing wheel made of metal, you can bring objects into focus in no time. The binoculars are charged with inert gas to prevent fogging on the inside of the lens. They are also waterproof to prevent water from getting into the housing in event of bad weather. If you prefer to stay in one place and observe animals in peace and quiet, simply place the binoculars onto a tripod with the tripod connection thread. After use, the binoculars can be stored safely in the nylon case, which features a hook and loop fastener for quick removal when you see something of interest.

Make your eyes 10 times bigger — with the BRESSER Wave 10×42 binoculars!


  • All-round binoculars for crystal-clear observations until twilight
  • Magnification: 10 times
  • Lens diameter: 42 mm
  • Prism and lens system made from premium BaK-4 glass material
  • Full multi-layer coating on optical surfaces
  • UR coating on the prism for brighter images
  • Robust central focusing wheel made of metal
  • Dioptre adjustment
  • Twist-up eyecups
  • LE eyepieces for optimal observations with glasses
  • Waterproof
  • Charged with inert gas


  • Binoculars
  • Carry strap
  • Nylon case
  • Protective lens cap
  • Protective eyepiece cap

Technical Data

Field of application
  • My first binoculars
  • Traveling & Sports
  • Bird watching & Nature observation
  • Hiking
Type Standard Binoculars
Optical design Roof
Magnification 10
LE Eyepieces
Mirror/Lens diam. 42 mm
Material prismn BaK-4
Type of coating
  • Dielectric Coating
  • Fully multi-coated
Colour of coating green
Eyepieces for eyeglass wearers
Diopter setting
Field of view at 1000m7 102 m
Field of view 5.8 degrees
Light intensity7 17.64
Twilight factor7 20.49
Near focus from7 3.8 m
Pressure waterproof up to 1 m
Level of protection IPX7
Bag/Pouch nylon carrying case with carrying strap
Inert gas purged
Tripod adapter thread
Focusing system Central focus wheel
Turns of focus drive over entire focal range 2.25
Eyecups TwistUp eyecups
Interpupilar distance min. 54 mm
Interpupilar distance max. 72 mm
Eye relief 13.5 mm
Colour grey
Body material Metal/plastic
Body armouring Rubber/Metal
Extended warranty 5 years
Total length 140 mm
Total width 122 mm
Total height 50 mm
Net weight (without access.) 549 g
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 609 g


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