Zoom Окуляр BRESSER LER 8-24mm 1.25”, 40-52°


Идеальное компактное решение, особенно в путешествиях, когда не хватает места для громоздкого оборудования.

  • Окуляр с бесступенчатой регулировкой фокусного расстояния 8-24 мм
  • Поле зрения от 40 до 56 градусов
  • Быстрая регулировка увеличения без смены окуляров!
  • Точный и надежный механизм регулировки масштабирования
  • Комфортный диаметр для глаза 20 мм (LER = long eye relief)
  • Регулируемый резиновый наглазник для регулировки идеального расстояния
  • Хорошо подходит для людей в очках
  • Изготовлен из чёрного анодированного алюминия
  • Все поверхности линз с полным многослойным покрытием для получения яркого и чёткого изображения
Brand: Bresser
Время доставки: 5-10 дней
Поле зрения: Zoom Серия
Тип доставки: Почтовым автоматом или Курьером
Артикул: 4920310
Category: Окуляры
One eyepiece for every occasion
The BRESSER zoom eyepiece covers the large focal length range from 8 to 24 mm. These are also the focal lengths most frequently used with most telescopes. Especially for instant observations, where you don’t want to pack a whole suitcase full of eyepieces, the zoom eyepiece is a good choice.

Always the ideal magnification on hand

A quick turn and the ideal magnification for you is set. The adjustment is stepless from 8 to 24 mm focal length. This eliminates the need to always change eyepieces.Comfortable viewing
The BRESSER zoom eyepiece offers a large comfortable eye relief of 20 mm to the eyepiece lens (LER = long eye relief). This means comfortable viewing even during longer observation, an important criterion especially for people with glasses. The rubber eyecup can also be individually adjusted by a twist and turn movement. Apparent field of view is 40 up to 56 degrees which offers a good overview.

Advanced optical design

To achieve the best possible image over the entire focal length range, a sophisticated optical design with 8 lenses in 5 groups is used. The full multi-coating on all lens surfaces also guarantees maximum light transmission. To effectively suppress unwanted reflections, all lenses are carefully blackened at the edges. Thus, the image produced offers the maximum possible contrast and image brightness.

Compact and solid design

The BRESSER zoom eyepiece is made entirely of black anodised aluminium. It has an extremely solid and high-quality material appearance and is long-lived even with extensive use. The precise zoom mechanism can be operated safely through the ribbed metal adjustment ring. A white laser engraving with focal length and pointer arrow indicates the currently set focal length even in low light.Achievable magnifications with common telescope focal lengths
350 mm:     44 — 15x
400 mm:     50 — 17x
500 mm:     63 — 21x
650 mm:     81 — 27x
750 mm:     94 — 31x
900 mm:   113 — 38x
1000 mm: 125 — 42x



  • Zoom eyepiece with stepless focal length adjustment from 8-24 mm
  • One eyepiece covers a wide focal length range
  • Continuous adjustment to the ideal magnification
  • Quick adjustment of magnification without changing eyepieces
  • Comfortable eye relief of 20 mm (LER = long eye relief)
  • Adjustable rubber eyecup to adjust to the ideal interpupillary distance
  • Also very suitable for people with glasses
  • Compact and solid design
  • Made entirely of black anodised aluminium
  • Very high-quality material appearance
  • Precise and robust zoom adjustment mechanism
  • Ribbed handgrip for zoom adjustment
  • White laser engraving with focal length and pointer arrow
  • Focal length range 8-24 mm freely adjustable
  • Apparent field of view 40 up to 56 degrees
  • Optical design: 8 lenses in 5 groups
  • All lens surfaces with full multi-coating for a bright and crispy image
  • Eyepiece sleeve diameter: 1.25 inches / 31.7 mm
  • Filter thread in sleeve: M28 x 0.6 mm (standard 1.25» filter thread)
  • Eyepiece weight: 250 g
  • Length of eyepiece: 96.2 mm
  • Diameter: 47 mm
  • Colour: black


  • Zoom eyepiece
  • Dust caps

Technical Data

Focal length 24 mm
Field diaphragm (virtual, mm) 16.7
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 31.7 mm
Eyecups TwistUp eyecups
Eye relief 20 mm
Total height 96 mm
Net weight (without access.) 250 g
Length of the eyepiece barrel 20 mm


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