BRESSER Condor Gen. II, 20-60×80 Зрительная Труба


  • Зрительная труба c увеличением от 20x до 60x крат
  • Большая апертура (80мм) позваляет получить яркую картинку даже при плохом освещении
  • Водонепроницаемый корпус заполнен азотом
  • Размеры: 402 x 95 x 157 мм / Вес: 1542 г
  • В Комплекте: зрительная труба, чехол, защитные крышки для окуляра и объектива, инструкция.
Brand: Bresser
Время доставки: 5-10 дней
Тип доставки: Почтовым автоматом или Курьером
Уровень подготовки: Любительский
Артикул: 4321680
Category: Зрительные Трубы

The BRESSER Condor spotting scopes are primarily intended for the nature observer and birdwatcher . Thanks to the large 80mm aperture, this instrument is ideal for observation in low light conditions. It collects 44% more light than a device with the same magnification and 60mm opening. The BRESSER Condor spotting scope is equipped with a fully balanced multi-coating for bright images. Together with the waterproof housing and the non-reflecting armouring, nature observers can determine bird species in all weather conditions or wildlife observers can spot game even at long distances.

But also friends of digital photography will find a reliable tool in the Condor series: together with the DSLR adapters 4920002 or 4914911 almost all digital cameras or smartphones can be connected.

Rugged materials
Focus and eyepieces are made of robust metal and thus ensure a long-lasting pleasure with the Condor spotting scope. The rubber armouring is manufactured to ensure a firm grip.

The Condor spotting scopes of Gen. II spotting scopes are all equipped with a high-quality multi-layer coating. This coating ensures better light transmission and therefore provides a bright image even in difficult lighting conditions.

Metal focus wheel
With the BRESSER Condor Gen. II, attention has been paid to high-quality materials. This series already has a robust metal focusing wheel with which the sharpness can be precisely adjusted.

All Condor models are waterproof. This means that you have the best possible companion with you in all weather conditions. Rain or fog do not bother the unit.


  • zoom perspective
  • oblique view
  • fully multi-coated optics
  • waterproof

deliverable scope

  • spective
  • bag for spotting scope

Technical Data

Field of application
  • Hunt
  • Sport shooting
  • Bird watching & Nature observation
Type Zoom spotting scope
Magnification Zoom min. 20
Magnification Zoom max. 60
LE Eyepieces
Mirror/Lens diam. 80 mm
Material prismn BaK-4
Type of coating Full broadband multi-coating
Colour of coating green


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