Sky-Watcher Inverting prism 45°, 1,25′


  • Amici prism that flips the inverted image and the right/left sides. The image becomes 100% correctly oriented.
  • Diagonal prism with an angle of 45°
  • Input and output diameter: 1.25” (31.7 mm)
  • Suits Refractors and Catadioptrics (Maksutov/Cassegrain) systems
  • Weight: 105 g
Brand: Sky-Watcher
Delivery time: 1-3 days
Delivery type: Via Parcel machine or by a Courier

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SKU: SW-7002
Category: Prisms & Diagonal mirrors

Sky-Watcher diagonal prism with an angle of 45° and an input and output diameter of 1.25 ”(31.7 mm), constructed on the basis of the Amici prism, giving an inverted (correct) image. The adapter is designed to work with Refractors and Maksutov/Cassegrain systems. It is particularly effective for observing objects close to the zenith or nature.

Note: It does not suit Reflectors telescopes of the Newton system.


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