Omegon Super LE 7mm 1.25” eyepiece, 68°


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Field of view: 70° Series
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Product description:

Omegon Super LE eyepieces – crystal clear observing with wide angle view

Enter the world of pin-sharp observing with the new Super LE eyepieces. The new Omegon Super LE eyepieces provide superb contrast and a wide field of view. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of stars and galaxies – almost as though you are there. New eyepiece designs make this increasingly possible.

The Omegon Super LE eyepiece is clearly an important tool for enjoying the night sky.

Omegon Super LE eyepieces provide you with extraordinary brilliance and definition. Compared to other eyepieces from the high end range, you profit from a comparable or improved image at a lower price.

You can see the finest details in the cloud bands when planetary observing, even slight differences in shade are visible. The sophisticated coating on all lenses provides you with extremely bright images even at higher magnifications. The lens edges in the barrel are blackened to reduce internal reflections.

Impressive edge definition

The edge definition of these eyepieces will certainly impress you. No matter which eyepiece you use – you will always enjoy a pin-sharp image.

Maybe your telescope has a fast f/5 aperture ratio? Naturally, here too you will also get perfectly sharp images right out to the edge of the field of view.

Wide angle with a 68° field of view

The Omegon Super LE eyepieces give a huge field of view. The ‘tunnel vision’ of older eyepieces is a thing of the past. Gain some ‘elbow room’ in the night sky and keep track of even with extended objects. The 68° field of view is ideal for wide angle observing, where, due to the physiology of the eye, you will hardly need to move your eye at all. The eyepiece is suitable for Dobsonian observers, for keeping objects in the field of view longer.

We provide you with the 68° Super LE generation in a range of different focal lengths: 18 / 14.5 / 12 / 9 and 7mm. Just select the eyepiece you need!

Pleasant and easy viewing

It can be so easy: with Omegon Super LE eyepieces you will enjoy very comfortable viewing. Simply relax and enjoy your observing! The large soft rubber eye cup may be folded down if required. With a huge ocular lens and 20 mm of eye relief, the eyepieces always provide a great observing experience! And what if you wear spectacles? You can see the whole field of view even when wearing glasses.

Elegant barrel and yet practical

Much care has been given to turning out a high quality eyepiece during the manufacture of the barrel, and these eyepieces will provide you with many years of pleasure. The body material is made entirely of black anodized aluminium. To ensure that you will always have a good grip on your eyepiece, it has been provided with non-slip rubber armour. Heavy dew? An unexpected shower? The Omegon LE eyepieces are waterproof and shun all moisture. And in the winter when it’s icy cold and you are wearing gloves? Naturally, even then, you are able to hold the eyepiece securely.


The advantages in a nutshell:

  • provides high brilliance and edge definition
  • bright images: multi-coating on all lenses (400-700nm)
  • a wide view: 68° field of view, ideal for the eye
  • no ‘kidney bean’ effect
  • comfortable viewing properties
  • a wide selection: various focal lengths available
  • comfortable: large soft rubber eye cup
  • huge ocular lens and 20mm of eye relief
  • optimal for spectacle wearers – you can keep your glasses on
  • 8 elements / 6 groups



Focal length (mm) 7
Apparent field of view (°) 68
Eye relief (mm) 20
Coating of optical system Multi-coated
Connection (to the telescope) 1,25″

Special features

inert gas charge no


Series Super LE
Type Eyepiece
Type of build Planetary eyepieces


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