Omegon microscope slides, 25.5 x 76.2cm, ground edges, 50 pieces


Brand: Omegon

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Product description:

Microscope slides, 26x76mm, ground edges, 50 pieces.

Glass with ground edges

These slides are made of glass, not the plastic which is sometimes used. The slides are of high optical quality -very important, as your microscope illuminates them from below.

All 50 lenses have had their edges ground, so there are no sharp edges or corners which you could cut yourself on. That means your children can safely handle them too.

Standard 26x76mm dimensions

Most prepared slide cabinets take standard 26x76mm slides. If you want to store additional prepared slides, then using these slides makes it completely straightforward. This universal standard also lets you store your prepared slides in cabinets made by a different manufacturer.


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