Nexcope NE910 professional laboratory microscope with excellent expandability


Brand: Nexcope
Delivery time: 5-10 days
Focus Group: Specialists
SKU: NX20910
Category: Higher class microscopes

The NEXCOPE NE910 microscope offers excellent optical performance and ease of use, and is ideal for scientific tasks. It is the perfect laboratory microscope for life sciences, histology, microbiology etc., and comes with an attractive price tag.

The planachromatic infinity lenses ensure a flat field of view. Together with the swing top condensor (NA 0.9/0.25), the lenses deliver a high contrast and high resolution over the entire visible spectrum.
The nosepiece has six positions and is equipped with four lenses as standard (4x, 10x, 20x, 40x). These feature an M25 thread and a parfocal length of 60 mm. The 40x lens has a spring-loaded protection mechanism.

The eyepieces’ large 25 mm field of view allows you to view a very wide area. The high eyepiece head is ideal for spectacle wearers. A rubber edge provides protection upon eye contact. A dioptre compensation of -5 to +5 can be set individually for each eyepiece. The interpupillary distance can be adjusted between 47 mm and 78 mm.

The powerful 3 W LED has an adjustable brightness and provides optimal illumination with excellent colour reproduction. The colour temperature stays constant when the light is dimmed.
The light is equipped with an Eco sensor that switches the light off when it is not in use. The condensor with an iris diaphragm and swing top is adjustable and provides Köhler illumination together with the light source, which is also equipped with an iris diaphragm. Markings on the knurled ring allow you to adjust the aperture to the chosen lens at any time. The auxiliary lens can be pulled out to quickly switch the aperture from 0.9 to 0.25, e.g. to examine the specimen. This enables efficient and reproducible results. Frosted and neutral density filters can be moved into the beam path with a button press and provide optimal illumination/brightness adjustment without operating the dimmer.

The XY stage is moved via a combination of a toothed rack drive and a wire rope hoist. This enables exact positioning for high magnifications. The height of the coaxial control knobs can be adjusted to ensure an ergonomic setup.
In addition to the coarse focus, the fine focus helps to render a very sharp image of the object. A full turn of the fine focus moves the table up/down by 0.2 mm. The fine focus can be adjusted with one finger on the right-hand side. The XY stage and focus can be operated simultaneously with one hand. The table height limit helps to protect the specimens and optimize workflows. The large (152x190mm) specimen stage with an impact-resistant Gorilla Glass™ inlay is suitable for all laboratory tasks. It is also resistant to liquids and easy to clean.
The friction of the coarse focus can be adjusted to the user.
The fine focus knobs are held in place magnetically and can be installed on the left or right side as desired.

The NEXCOPE NE910 is specially designed for use with c-mount cameras. You can choose from two different adapters, depending on the sensor size:

  • 0.5x c-mount adapter for sensor sizes up to 2/3”
  • 1x c-mount adapter for sensor sizes of 1”

As the adapter can be adjusted, the camera image can be matched parfocally to the eyepieces. The beam splitter features three different modes:

  • Eyepieces 100% / Camera tube 0%
  • Eyepieces 50% / Camera tube 50%
  • Eyepieces 0% / Camera tube 100%

ACCESSORIES (optional)

  • Lenses: 2x, 60x, 100x
  • Dark field condenser, dry or oil
  • Phase contrast set
  • Differential interference contrast (DIC)
  • Reflected light unit
  • Epi-fluorescence unit
  • Polarisation set


  • Professional upright research microscope
  • 6x nosepiece, tilted backwards
  • Lens type: Planachromatic, infinity (60 mm parfocal length, M25)
  • Precise and ergonomic mechanics
  • Outstanding expandability for all common contrasting techniques, as well as fluorescence
  • Bright LED illumination
  • Eco mode
  • Köhler illumination (full Köhler)
  • Integrated matte filter


  • Microscope stand with 6x nosepiece, equipped with four planachromatic lenses (4x, 10x, 20x, 40x)
  • One pair of 10x eyepieces (field of view: 25 mm, Plug-in diameter: 30 mm)
  • Dust protection cover
  • Mains cable

Technical Data

Field of application
  • Biology
  • Laboratory
  • Research
Focus Group
  • Professional users
  • Science and Research
Magnification from 40
Magnification up to 400
Diopter setting
Lighting5 Transmitted light
Dimmer Dimmable lighting
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 30 mm
Body material Aluminium/plastic


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