NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 60/700 Refracting Telescope AZ


  • easy to use starter telescope
  • objective lens diameter: 60mm / focal length: 700mm
  • alt-azimut mount with tripod; magnification: 35x-525x
  • deliveryscope: telescope, mount, tripod, 3 eyepieces,
  • 5×24 finder,3x Barlow lens,1.5x errecting lens,astrosoftware
Brand: National Geographic
Focus Group: Beginners
Optical design: Refractor
Delivery time: 1-3 days
Delivery type: By a Courier only (packaging is too big for a parcel machine)

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SKU: 9011100
Category: Telescopes for small children

Manual NG – manual

The 60/700 Telescope really is one of our highlights. The telescope can be set up within minutes with no need of tools. It is very suitable for spontaneous observations. Crisp and detailed observations are provided by the achromatic objective lenses; they deliver with the included accessories a magnification range from 35x to 525x.

The 60/700 Telescope is a complete system for the quick start into astronomy!


  • Achromatic refractor telescope
  • quick and easy set-up without any additional tools
  • lens diameter: 60mm
  • focal length: 700mm
  • magnification: 35x-525x (recommended maximum: 120x)
  • altazimuth mount


  • telescope
  • eyepieces (diameter 1,25´´): 4mm, 12,5mm, 20mm
  • finder scope 5×24
  • mount
  • tripod
  • 3x Barlow lens
  • 1.5x erecting lens
  • astronomcal software


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