Kosmos Slime Organs, Anatomy Playful experiment set


  • Cool slime fun with the learning effect!
  • The experiment kit makes anatomy accessible for children
  • Simply stir the slibbery mass and pour into the finished organ moulds. This results in the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, stomach and intestinal in 3D.
Brand: Kosmos
Age Group: 8+
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Category: STEAM Toys

A squishy heart! Colourful lungs! Brains made of … putty?! Anatomy has never been so fun! With the Squishy Organs science kit, you can learn all about the human body and its vital organs by making your own squishy, slimy models of them. Mix up colorful slime mixtures and pour them into the included molds to make some of the human body’s major organs: the heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, and liver. Then, arrange your squishy creations in a clear plastic torso to visualize where they fit in your body. Next, use the included colorful putty and brain stamp to cut out a squishy brain model as you learn fascinating science facts about this important organ. You can even pretend to be a doctor by experimenting with a safe plastic scalpel for a fun, mushy, hands-on learning experience!


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