x. Kosmos Bouncing balls Fun Science set, glow in the dark


  • Your own brightly coloured bouncing balls, glow in the dark!
  • Up to 20 luminescent bouncing balls can be made.
  • With the special granulate and moulds you can make your own round and angular bouncing balls in different colours.
  • No additives in the bouncing balls to keep them permanently soft (effect last for 2-3 days).


Brand: Kosmos
Age Group: 8+

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SKU: 616656
Category: STEAM Toys

Make your own colourful glow in the dark bouncy balls!

Using the special granules and the mould, you can make your own spherical and square bouncy balls in a wide variety of different colours. Your bouncy balls do not contain any additives that make them permanently soft. After 2 to 3 days, they will dry out again and lose their bounce.


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