BRESSER Cleaning Pencil for Lenses


  • safe lens cleaning without scratches
  • Brushes for dust and lint
  • Polishing pad for removing fingerprints etc.
Brand: Bresser
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SKU: F003270
Category: Astro planetariums and projectors, Micro-accessories, Other

When cleaning high quality optical lenses, you have to be very careful. After all, it would be very annoying to successfully remove the dust but leave a scratch behind. With the BRESSER BR-LP10 lens cleaning pen you can safely clean optical and coated glass.
With the brush on one side you can remove coarser dirt before polishing the lenses with the other side.


  • lens cleaning pencil for safe cleaning of optical and coated glass
  • brush to remove dust on one side
  • polishing pad on the other side


  • 1x lens cleaning pencil


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