BRESSER JUNIOR Stereo Microscope 20x-50x


  • Reflective and transmitted light microscope
  • Magnification: 20 and 50x
  • Battery operated, eye relief individually adjustable
  • Includes: 2 object plates, Mineral samples, long-acting preparations
Brand: Bresser
Focus Group: Beginners
Delivery time: 1-3 days

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SKU: 8852001
Category: Entry-level microscopes & Sets

Bresser microscope 20x-50x – manual

BRESSER Junior – playing the world of optics! Two eyes see more than one. Much of what you find out there, you can zoom up to 50 times with this stereo microscope. Light on! Put on a test and off you go! With this children’s microscope you give children much more than just a toy: they promote the scientific work of children and at the same time stimulate the urge to explore. In answer to the questions that make up certain things, children can now use the microscope to explore how the world of the microcosm is constructed: observations of everyday things, such as coins, stones, insects, and specimens that are already included.

CHARACTERISTICS binocular insight LED front Lenses: 2x (stereo) Eyepieces: WF-10X (Stereo) 20x magnification battery powered Eye distance individually adjustable stable housing DELIVERY stereomicroscope 12 mineral samples operation


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