BRESSER CO² Air Quality Monitor Smile


Monitoring and control of domestic air quality by measuring CO2, humidity and temperature as well as issuing ventilation recommendations.

Brand: Bresser
Delivery time: 5-10 days
Color: Black, Gray, White
SKU: 7004020
Category: Sensors and Weather Stations

Many meetings and urgent e-mails at work, at home keep the children busy and the apartment could also be cleaned again: In our hectic everyday life it happens quickly that we forget the regular airing. Although we know better: a critical CO2 concentration can affect well-being and health. The BRESSER CO2 air quality monitor Smile helps you bring a breath of fresh air into your home or office at the right time. With a glance at the clear LED display, you always keep an eye on the currently measured CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity. You do not have to constantly keep the critical carbon dioxide values in mind. Thanks to the graphic display with line scale and smiley, you intuitively know how your ambient air is. For the measurements, the device convinces with high precision and resolution as well as fast response times.

Individual ventilation alarm at the push of a button

The practical carbon dioxide alarm reliably reminds you to refuel fresh air. If the default setting does not correspond to your feel-good climate, select your own upper limit up to a maximum of 5000 ppm. Then activate the alarm function with a simple push of a button. If the set maximum value is exceeded, an alarm tone sounds-depending on the level of the CO2 concentration in different intensity. In addition, a flashing arrow symbol on the display signals: Open window!
Is humidity also important to you? Keyword: mold. You can also easily set an individual visual alarm for this measurement value. So you can quickly see if the air in the room is too humid or too dry. And if you want more than a snapshot of the current indoor climate, use the practical memory function. For carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity, the minimum and maximum values of the last 24 hours as well as the average values of the last 15 minutes and 8 hours can be displayed. The power is supplied via a power supply unit and thus enables long continuous operation without any problems.

The BRESSER CO2 air quality monitor Smile – the perfect solution for busy fresh air fans!

Simultaneous display of CO2 concentration, temperature (°C / ° F) and humidity
Color LED display; clear and intuitive
Graphical display of the current CO2 content
Carbon dioxide alarm function
Humidity alarm function
Memory function
High precision, high resolution, fast response time
Dimensions: 110x33x123 mm
Power supply via power supply, long continuous operation possible

CO2 Air Quality Monitor
Power supply
User manual

Technical Data

Field of application
  • CO2 concentration monitoring
Type Thermo/Hygro Sensor
Display type Digital
Inside temperature
Humidity measuring range (%) from 20
Humidity measuring range (%) to 95
Main Features CO2 concentration monitoring
Inside temperature (°C) from 0
Inside temperature (°C) up to 50
Total length 123 mm
Total width 110 mm
Total height 32 mm
Net weight (without access.) 180 g
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 250 g


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