Nutitelefoni hoidja teleskoopidele ja mikroskoopidele


  • Telefoni kõrguse täpne reguleerimisvõimalus
  • Sobib okulaaridele standartse diameetriga 1,25” (31,7 mm)
  • Samuti sobib okulaari korpusele diameetriga 22 kuni 38 mm
Brand: Bresser
Tarneaeg: 1-3 päeva
Kättetoimetamise viis: Pakiautomaadi kaudu või Kulleriga

Laost otsas

Tootekood: 4914914
Category: Astroplanetaariumid, Mikro-aksessuaarid, Nutitelefoni hoidjad

Bresser adapter 4914914, manual
Bresser adapter 4914914, attention notice

Take pictures with your smartphone through the telescope or microscope? With the Smartphone camera adapter this is now child’s play! Simply screw the adapter to the eyepiece and use your smartphone as a camera with a super-telephoto / super-macrophoto lens. It lets you take pictures of distant objects or very small objects as if you were very close.

The Deluxe version offers an even more comfortable and secure attachment to the eyepiece. By a rotary movement of the clamping ring 3 clamping jaws are evenly applied to the eyepiece housing and the Smartphone adapter sits firmly and centrically on the eyepiece. The fine adjustment of the height of the smartphone support allows a quick and precise adjustment of the viewing height of the smartphone camera above the eyepiece lens. Good image results are thus guaranteed.


  • Take photos through the telescope
  • Smartphone camera with super telephoto lens Fine
  • Height adjustment of phone support
  • Wide adjustment range for eyepiece housing diameter
  • Fits 31.7mm (1.25″) eyepieces
  • For eyepiece housing diameters from 22-38mm


  • Smartphone holder deluxe
  • Locking ring for the smartphone

Technical Data

Colour black
Material Plastic
Total length 145 mm
Total width 80 mm
Total height 60 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 80 g


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