Omegon Cronus 5mm 1.25” okulaar, 60°


Brand: Omegon
Vaateväli: 60° Seeria
Tarneaeg: 5-10 päeva
Kättetoimetamise viis: Pakiautomaadi kaudu või Kulleriga
Tootekood: 32981
Category: Okulaarid

Product description:

Omegon Cronus – cheap, comfortable to use, beginner’s eyepieces

Enjoying observing the night sky with clear views of the object, planet or nebula you are looking at. Such an observing night sticks in your memory, like a bottle of good red wine. Who wouldn’t wish for this when doing astronomy? Many beginner’s telescopes only come with basic eyepieces that do not fully exploit the performance of optics. These eyepieces, however, take you to a higher level.

More comfortable for the eyes: Longer eye relief

You can observe in comfort with Cronus eyepieces as they provide long eye relief at all focal lengths. This is a real advantage as compared to most standard designs.

Wide 60 ° field of view

You can enjoy observing especially wide views of astronomical objects using these eyepieces: Their 60° wide field of view allows you to observe in comfort, which is not always the case with standard eyepieces. In fact, you can see about a ⅓ more field than with the often inferior Kellner eyepieces. This allows you to see even more extended astronomical objects in their entirety.

Suitable for beginners: no chance of shadowing

Cronus eyepieces are not sensitive to being viewed precisely along the optical axis, they can also be viewed somewhat off-centre through the eyepiece. Many eyepieces will immediately show a black shadow if used off-centre. Beginners usually find it difficult to observe precisely through the centre of an eyepiece. Cronus eyepieces show virtually none of this effect, making it probable that they will in future become some of your favourite eyepieces.

Sure your new eyepiece is suitable:

  • See the famous Great Red Spot on Jupiter. It measures two Earth diameters and has existed for at least 300 years on our largest planet
  • Explore Saturn! You will certainly remember your very first view of this world with its ring system as being a particularly special experience
  • You can observe many more objects outside the solar system : for example globular clusters , hydrogen nebulae and galaxies
  1. The extraordinarily good contrast and sharpness make Cronus eyepieces to be your essential companion for all types of observing.
  2. All your eyepieces in one series
  3. It is especially nice to be able to a large range of eyepieces from one series. In order to provide you with a wide choice, we offer you these eyepieces in eight different focal lengths. The smaller focal lengths, in particular, come in a series of fine steps.
  4. Only good eyepieces can really show what your telescope can do
  5. Take advantage now of the particularly clear and sharp views provided. Cronus eyepieces are one step towards more successful observing.
  6. The advantages in a nutshell:
  • comfortable observing : 16mm of eye relief
  • suitable for spectacle wearers
  • eyecup can be rotated up
  • wide-angle: 60° field of view
  • multi -coating on all air/glass surfaces
  • suitable for use with bino-viewers
  • 1.25 inch diameter barrel
  • 1.25 inch filter thread


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