EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Adaptor, T2 – 2” kinnitusele


The 2″ adapter enables the connection of cameras to telescopes with a 2″ plug-in mount

  • High-quality EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Adapter 2″
  • Very flexible usage
  • Particularly short additional light path of only 2.0 mm
Brand: Explore Scientific
Tarneaeg: 5-10 päeva
Kättetoimetamise viis: Pakiautomaadi kaudu või Kulleriga
Tootekood: 0510365
Category: Adaptrid ja T-rõngad

Enables you to connect a camera to telescopes that accept 2″ barrel eyepieces. You will need a T2-ring for your special camera type also. The very special feature of this adaptor is the very short mechanical design (2.0mm) which enables the camera use also on telescopes with a short focal range. This adapter is also prepared to use with 2″ filters.


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