Delta Optical Mikroskoop StereoLight 20x


  • Delta Optical StereoLight microscope — see on kõige lihtsam stereoskoopiline mikroskoop turul ja samal ajal väga hea kingitus, mitte ainult noortele teadushuvitustele.
  • Mikroskoobi suurendus: 20x
  • valgustus: ülemine LED
  • Juhtmetoide: AA patareid
  • Kaugus okulaaride vahel: 55-75 мм
  • Töödistants: 70 мм
  • Mikroskoopi on väga lihtne kasutada ja hästi sobib lastele.
Brand: Delta Optical
Tarneaeg: 5-10 päeva
Kasutaja tase: Algajad, Harrastajad
Tootekood: DO-3660
Category: Algtaseme Mikroskoobid

The Delta Optical StereoLight microscope is the simplest stereoscopic microscope on the market and at the same time a great gift not only for young explorers.

It enables the observation of specimens inaccessible to biological microscopes – large, opaque and three-dimensional. An insect, spider, flower, coin or postage stamp will reveal their micro-secrets to the Stereolight user.

The Delta Optical StereoLight microscope will enable anyone to discover the extraordinary richness of the microworld. The device is small and handy, it has no small parts. Working with a stereoscopic microscope does not require the use of sharp tools as well as basic and coverslips. You just need to find the right object and place it directly under the microscope. Therefore, children can also use it independently.

Thanks to the battery operation (2 batteries), the StereoLight microscope can be used anywhere. Nothing prevents you from taking it to your backpack and observing everything you want in the field with high magnification.
A digital eyepiece camera, mounted in one of the eyepiece tubes, can be attached to the microscope. It will allow you to take photos and record videos, allowing you to document microscopic observations and share them with others.


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