Delta Optical Digitaalne Mikroskoop Smart 5MP PRO 20x-300x


  • Delta Optical Smart 5MP PRO – see on digitaalne mikroskoop, mis võimaldab teha pilte ja filmida videosi.
  • Suurendus 20x-300x sobib hästi nii suurtele kui ka väikestele objektidele.
  • See on suurepärane diagnostiline seade, mis sobib igakülgseks kasutamiseks.
  • Seadme võib statiivilt maha võtta ja hoida käes, kui pastapliiatsit.
  • USB-kaabel pikkusega 1,4m tagab hea mobiilsuse!
  • LED-valgustus dimmeriga.
  • Mikroskoop ei vaja patareisi või akusi – lihtsalt ühendage see USB-kaabli abil arvutiga, ja see on valmis tööks.
  • Mikroskoobi mõõdud: 110 x 35 mm; Statiiv: 170 x 120 x 155 mm
Brand: Delta Optical
Tarneaeg: 1-3 päeva
Kasutaja tase: Algajad, Harrastajad
Kättetoimetamise viis: Pakiautomaadi kaudu või Kulleriga


Tootekood: DO-3110
Category: Mikroskoobid tudengitele

smart5MP_2018 – kaamera tarkvara

The new Delta Optical Smart 5MP PRO USB digital microscope is a very intuitive, practical and universal tool for multiple applications. Thanks to the new high-resolution CMOS matrix – 5 megapixels , it allows you to view live , save static images (in JPG, BMP, PNG and TIF format ) and video files (AVI format) suitable for creating documentation on a computer disk, publishing on the web and for printing.

The offered magnification range of 20x-300x allows the observation of both relatively large objects (e.g. insects, plant fragments, stamps, coins) and very small (small details of larger elements or e.g. microscopic preparations on slides). The currently used magnification depends on the distance from the observed object, the current resolution of the monitor and its diagonal, as well as the selected microscope settings

The set with the microscope includes a stable tripod with adjustable height and a focusing knob, thanks to which observation and taking measurements under high magnification will become much more convenient (elimination of tremors). At the same time, the device can be held in the hand like a pen, which will help in the observation of fragments of objects of considerable size that cannot be placed under an ordinary microscope. In this case , a 1.4 m long USB cable provides great mobility . The device, compared to standard microscopes on large tripods, is very handy. Observation in conditions of too little light is no longer a problem thanks to the built-in LED lighting with continuously adjustable brightness.

The microscope does not require batteries or accumulators, you simply connect it to the computer with a USB cable and it is immediately ready to work. Bundled software – Delta Optical Smart Analysis Pro allows you to quickly capture photos and videos directly to your hard drive, archive and share them with others. Thanks to the automatic white balance mode, the Smart 5MP PRO does not require color calibration.

The microscope is compatible with all Windows versions and Mac OCX The advanced functions of the program enable measurements to be carried out on microscopic objects with high precision. Calibration of the Smart 5MP PRO can be performed thanks to the attached length standard.

Below are the most important functions of the Delta Optical Smart Analysis PRO measurement software :

  • Text : allows you to add text to an image
  • Draw: line, arrow, ink, rectangle
  • Line at any angle : allows you to measure the length of any rectilinear segment;
  • Continuous line : allows you to measure the length of individual rectilinear sections of any curved line;
  • Circle radius : allows you to plot a circle according to the radius and enables you to measure the radius of the circle, the circumference of the circle and the area of ​​the circle so determined;
  • Diameter of a circle: allows you to plot a circle according to the diameter and enables you to measure the diameter of the circle, the circumference of the circle and the area of ​​the circle so determined;
  • Three-point angle: allows you to measure the angle in degrees between two lines of any length;
  • Calibration : allows you to calibrate the measurement using a standard scale (included in the set)

A microscope can be a useful tool at work, at home and at school. The teacher will easily present the secrets of the microworld to the students, using the help of a computer, projector or multimedia board. It will help the student to make an interesting presentation or homework for a biology or physics lesson.

It is also an effective tool for veterinarians who can use the Delta Optical Smart 5MP PRO microscope to observe parasites in the hair, the condition of the hair, skin, folliculitis, etc., and during the examination they can present the cause of the disease to the pet owner on the computer screen or its effects.

Also, dermatologists and cosmetologists will discover in our microscope a great diagnostic tool that they can use in their work.

Smart 5MP PRO can be a useful tool in the work of fruit growers and gardeners, allowing the observation of plant fragments attacked by pests or pathogens.

The ability to observe key features of very small organisms, e.g. insects and arachnids, makes Smart 5MP PRO also useful in the work of an entomologist or other specialist zoologist.

Delta Optical Smart is also used by conservators of monuments, sculptures, paintings, fabrics, etc. to observe the condition of the surface and its registration. The microscope will also find application in precision mechanics and for electronics. It can be especially useful for quality control of solders on printed circuit boards and analysis of precision products, testing of various work surfaces or products.

The ability to automatically insert the current recording date and time into the recorded image is very useful in professional documentation.

Smart 5 MP PRO offers great possibilities in a handy, clever microscope with a small size!


  • developer: Delta Optical
  • sensor: CMOS type with a resolution of 5 MP (megapixels, million pixels)
  • tripod: a stable tripod with adjustable handle height and a macro focus adjustment knob
  • optical system: a system of lenses moving in relation to the sensor, infrared filter, high-quality optical glass
  • Equivalent focal length: 15.8 mm / FOV 13 degrees
  • lighting: 8 super-bright white LEDs with smooth brightness adjustment
  • Range of available magnifications: 20x-300x
  • Shutter release: in Smart Analysis Pro – shock reduction
  • shutter speed: from 1 second to 1/1000 of a second
  • resolution of static images: 2592×1944, 2320×1744, 2048×1536, 1920×1080, 1280×1024
  • color depth: 24-bit RGB
  • resolution of video recordings and live view: 1280 x 960
  • static image saving format: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF
  • video recording format: AVI
  • white balance adjustment: automatic
  • exposure time adjustment: automatic
  • interface: USB 2.0, USB cable connected to the microscope housing
  • power supply: 5V via USB port
  • USB cable length: 1.4 m
  • operating systems support: Windows Vista / 7/8/10 and Mac OSX 10.6.-10.15
  • minimum system requirements: 512 MB RAM / 64 MB video memory / free USB port / CD-ROM drive
  • included control programming with measurement and calibration functions: Delta Optical Smart Analysis Pro
  • Software languages:  English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
  • dimensions – microscope: 110 x 35 mm; tripod: 170 x 120 x 155 mm
  • weight of the device with a stand: approximately 630 grams



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