Celestron Teleskoop N 130/650 Astromaster EQ-MD, Mootoriga


  • Astromaster 130 EQ MD mudel on varustatud mootoriga ühel teljel, mis võimaldab automaatselt jälgida objekti ja muudab vaatluse oluliselt mugavamaks.
  • Newtoni tüüpi reflektor teleskoop algajatele öise taeva vaatluseks
  • Paraboolne peegel
  • Peapeegli läbimõõt: 130 mm / Fookuskaugus: 650 mm
  • Suurim soovituslik suurendus: 260 x
  • Komplektis kaks okulaari: 20 mm, 10 mm
  • Suurendus komplekteeritud okulaaridega: 33x-65x
  • Monteering: Ekvaatoriline CG-2
  • Komplektis: teleskoop, alumiiniumist kolmjalg ja statiiv, 2 okulaari, LED punatäpp otsija.
Brand: Celestron
Tarneaeg: 1-3 päeva
Kasutaja tase: Harrastajad
Optiline disain: Newtoni tüüpi reflektor
Kättetoimetamise viis: Kulleriga (suur karp ei mahu pakiautomaati)


Tootekood: 31051
Category: Minu Esimene teleskoop

The Celestron Astromaster series of telescopes are designed for novice night sky observers. Several amenities have been applied here, thanks to which entering the world of amateur astronomy will be simple and pleasant. These telescopes offer affordable price, mobility and extensive equipment.

The Astromaster 130 EQ is a Newtonian reflecting telescope with a lens diameter of 130 mm and a focal length of 650 mm. A mirror of this size collects 345 times more light than the human eye – it is the largest model in the series. At f / 5 it is an instrument that will be perfect for observing deep sky objects such as star clusters, nebular objects or distant galaxies. In addition, in a telescope with such a short focal length, by choosing the right eyepieces, we can get a very wide field of view. This telescope also works very well when observing bright objects of the Solar System. We will see, among others numerous details on the lunar surface, sunspots (it is necessary to use a solar filter), stripes in the atmosphere of Jupiter and four Galilean moons, Saturn’s rings, Venus phases and the Mars disc.

The telescope is mounted on the CG-2 equatorial mount intended for astronomical observations. After the mount is properly set to the north blue pole, we can easily follow the observed object in its movement across the sky. The Astromaster 130 EQ MD model is equipped with a drive in one axis, enabling automatic object tracking, which greatly increases the comfort of observation. Thanks to this, we can also make the first attempts to take pictures of night sky objects. The mounting legs are extendable, and the whole thing is sufficiently stable to minimize vibrations during observation. The set includes two glasses and a Red Dot finder, thanks to which we can easily point the telescope at the object of interest. Additionally, the set includes a CD with The Sky Level 1 software.

Due to its light weight, the telescope is ideally suited as a portable device that can be taken by car to regions with better air transparency, far from the city.


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