BRESSER CO2 measuring device XXL (388 x 288 mm)


Monitoring and control of domestic air quality through measurement of CO2 load, air humidity and temperature as well as output of ventilation recommendations; all measured values are displayed clearly on the extra-large XXL display

  • Carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity
  • Extra-large LED display with graphical CO2 display
  • Carbon dioxide alarm functions:
  • Dimensions: 388 x 43 x 288 mm
  • High precision, high resolution, rapid response time
  • Powered by power adapter, long-term continuous operation possible
Brand: Bresser
Tarneaeg: 5-10 päeva
Kättetoimetamise viis: Pakiautomaadi kaudu või Kulleriga
Tootekood: 7004030
Category: Sensorid ja Ilmastiku Näidikud

Most people associate CO2 with one thing— it’s harmful effect to the environment. But it’s not just our environment that suffers as a result of carbon dioxide. We too need clean air for our well-being and health. In locations with high concentrations of people, this can lead to problems. The BRESSER CO2 air quality monitor Smile XXL supports you in preventing critical CO2, temperature and humidity values. It couldn’t be easier—all it takes is a quick glance at the extra-large LED display. The graphical display, with three different smiley faces and a bar scale, gives you an initial indication of the current CO2 load. The precise measured value is displayed in large figures below. The device also displays temperature and humidity, so that you have a complete picture of the air conditions at any time. The device impresses with a high resolution and rapid response time for highly accurate results.The best air quality made easy

In areas with heavy workloads, such as hospitals, there is often insufficient time to carry out air quality measurements. In larger spaces too, such as storage halls and agricultural production facilities, it can be hard to keep track of things. In these situations, the carbon dioxide alarm is especially useful: Simply set the maximum value that meets your individual needs. The warning signal sounds as soon as this upper limit is exceeded. The device has an excellent power supply, with the mains adapter supplied enabling long-term continuous operation.

With the BRESSER CO2 air quality monitor Smile XXL, you can breathe easily again.


  • Simultaneous display of carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and humidity
  • Extra-large LED display, clear and intuitive
  • Graphical display of current CO2 concent
  • Carbon dioxide alarm functions
  • High precision, high resolution, rapid response time
  • Dimensions: 388 x 43 x 288 mm
  • Powered by power adapter, long-term continuous operation possible
  • Integrated, rechargeable lithium battery
  • Display mode: LED carbon dioxide: 0-9999 PPM
  • Accuracy: ± 50 ppm or ± 5% (0-5000 PPM)
  • Resolution: 1 PPM
  • Response time: 10 s
  • Repeat accuracy: ± 20 ppm
  • Temperature range: -10 ~ 70℃
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5℃/±0.9℉
  • Humidity range: 0 – 99.9% rH
  • Humidity accuracy: ±3% rH (20% rH ~ 80% rH)
  • Operating conditions: 0 to 50℃; 10% – 90% relative humidity
  • Storage conditions: -20°C to 60°C; 10% rH to 75% rH


  • CO2 air quality monitor
  • Power adapter
  • Wall dowelling and screws for wall mounting
  • Instruction manual

Technical Data

Field of application
  • CO2 concentration monitoring
Type Thermo/Hygro Sensor
Display type Digital
Inside temperature
Humidity measuring range (%) from 10
Humidity measuring range (%) to 90
Main Features CO2 concentration monitoring
Inside temperature (°C) from 10
Inside temperature (°C) up to 70
Total length 291 mm
Total width 391 mm
Total height 42 mm
Net weight (without access.) 1345 g
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 1435 g


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