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Bresser Telescope AC 80/640 Messier Nano AZ

  • High quality achromatic lens telescope
  • Ideal for observing planets and the moon
  • Maximum recommended magnification: 160x
  • Aperture: 80 mm / Focal length: 640 mm / F=8
  • Easy set up and save standing
  • Wide range of accessories
Brand: Bresser
Delivery time: 1-3 days
Focus Group: Beginners
Optical design: Refractor

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SKU: 56266
Category: Telescopes, Telescopes

Product description:

The traditional company Bresser offers telescopes for ambitious beginners at an excellent price-performance ratio under the name Messier. The Messier telescope systems are expandable and retrofittable, so they can be used far beyond the initial entry point.

The AC 80/640 optics: The 80mm diameter objective lens collects 31% more light than a comparable 70mm refracting telescope. This is noticeable in the optical performance. At a distance of 600 million km, the two main cloud bands on the planet Jupiter become visible and many Messier objects can be seen.

The short focal length of only 640mm allows impressive wide-field observations of open star clusters in our Milky Way. The short design also makes this refractor an interesting, low-cost travel telescope.

The optics are delivered almost completely pre-assembled and with all necessary accessories so you can start observing immediately without fiddling around. The refractors are also very stable and durable.

The Nano AZ mount: This single-arm mount is quickly set up and easy to operate. It is as easy to handle as a photo tripod. The mount supports up to 3.5kg, and all telescopes with Vixen standard prism rails can be mounted.

The stainless-steel tripod is a very stable base for the mount.



Type of build  Achromat 
Aperture (mm)  80
Type  Refractor
Aperture ratio (f/)  8
Focal length (mm)  640
Resolving capacity  1,44
Limit value (mag)  11,3
Light gathering capacity  130
Max. useful magnification  160
Coating MgF2
Tube material  Aluminium
Tube construction Full tube


Connection ( to eyepiece)  1,25″
Connecting threaded socket (camera-side) T2
Gear reduction without


Type of build  Nano
Mounting type  Azimuthal 
Load capacity (kg) 3,5
GoTo control  no


Type Tripod

Included accessories

1.25” eyepieces  26mm
Prism rail Vixen-Style
Finder scope  Red dot finder 
Camera adaptor Smartphone 
Deviating optics  1.25″, 90° star diagonal


Series Messier 
Total weight (kg) 5,3

Area of application

Astrophotography not recommended
Moon & Planets yes
Nature Observation yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Sun  no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

Recommended for

Observatories  no
Advanced  no
Beginners  yes

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