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BRESSER Messier Maksutov 100/1400 EQ3 Telescope

  • high-quality telescope with a large focal length
  • type of construction: Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • magnification with included accessories: 54x
  • Maximum recommended magnification: 200x
  • mirror diameter: 100mm / focal length: 1400mm
  • equatorial EQ-3 mount
  • large focal length
  • no chromatic aberration
  • extensive range of accessory
Brand: Bresser
Focus Group: Beginners, Enthusiasts
Optical design: Catadioptric

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SKU: 4610149 - available from 30.07.2021
Category: Telescopes

Manual – manual

The compact, long focal length Maksutovoptics has virtually no color abberation and is especially suitable for the observation of the moon and planets. Even from light polluted cities you can observe bright and compact objects like planetary nebulae or globular clusters.

All the telescopes in this series have equatorial mounting (also known as parallactic mounting). This allows for compensation of earth rotation and exact following of the celestial object observed.


  • Catadioptric, Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope
  • long focal length
  • without abberation
  • equatorial mount


  • telescope
  • EQ mount
  • tripod
  • LED finder
  • eyepieces (31,7 mm): PL26 mm
  • diagonal mirror
  • Smartphone camera adapter
  • manual

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